Tuesday, December 29, 2009

New Year's Revolutions

Revolution: a movement in an orbit, complete cycle, complete change
Revolutionize: make a drastic change in

These are the definitions I found in the little dictionary I got for 99 cents at Goodwill, and really, they make more sense than "resolution," don't they? Brailey Shaye is the one who calls them "revolutions." She said a couple of days ago, "We need to make our New Year's Revolutions!" How cute is that?! (Well, very cute if you're her mother!) Resolution means "a resolving, formal statement, determination." So, a resolution is an intent and a declaration, whereas a revolution is actual change. And THAT is what a New Year's Resolution is supposed to be, right? Change of some sort for the better... Believe it or not, I still have a list of "goals" I made for myself three years ago. A list of nine things I wanted to accomplish. I've accomplished two of them. Still working on the rest... Yikes! And I need to add a couple of things to the list. So there will probably end up being ten things on my List of Revolutions. One, as you know, I've already started, which is to focus more on my own little family. For me, this means a lot of things, one of them being less time spent at the computer, which brings me to this blog, which I really, really like. I'm sure the "new" will wear off pretty soon... Blogging isn't the same as Facebook, because you don't get the interaction. I've actually been feeling a little conceited with regard to this blog. What makes me think anyone will want to read what I have to write and to see all the pictures I post? Yet I can't wait to do it every day - it is kind of like a virtual journal, in some ways. And it is the "latest and greatest" in technology. Still, I'd like to know what you think... Is it conceited? I felt that way with Facebook, too. It is fun to share, but what is so important about The 4 B's that I think I have to "share" it all? I guess because it is my life, and it is possible to share. I loved seeing what everyone else was up to, and I miss that part of Facebook so much, and I guess maybe there are some people who feel that way about me and my life? The blog, I think, is sort of therepeutic for me. It is a replacement for Facebook, and it also allows me to think a little deeper than Facebook. Plus, I don't have to see people bashing President Obama or the Oregon Ducks, among a myriad of other things I won't mention, making me feel upset and hurt and angry, which isn't healthy at all... Anyway, I'm happy to be blogging, but don't want to overdo it, which I fear I might be, so I will be including this as one of my New Year's Revolutions.

Monday, December 28, 2009

These are a few of my favorite things...

When the "holidays" are over and everything goes back to normal... We still aren't there, yet, but we are going to get organized today, and that will be a great feeling!

Getting up in the mornings with Brady and reading my book before my little darlings wake up... I love to do this while I sip my coffee. It is a peaceful way to start the day.
Listening to my B's playing with each other, both with girl toys and boy toys, and hearing all the hilarious things they tell each other to "say," as if they are in a movie or on stage... This morning Britt said, "Thank you for getting me Optimus Prime, Brailey, I really love him." And Brailey Shaye said, "Oh, you're welcome, Britt!" All on their own - no coaxing from their Big Mama, which made me feel very proud of them.

The snores and snuffles my pug Rosin makes... These are what keep me company when my kiddos are at school. If not for Rozzy-girl, this house would be unbearably quiet!

Our new house... It isn't a mansion, but it IS the perfect size for us 4 B's and it is easy to clean and it feels oh-so-cozy and has quite a lot of room for a smaller house. I love it!

Morning conversations with my mom... They are what keep me sane! I am so thankful for good phone plans, which allow us to talk as much as we want, and we always have a good amount of things to talk about, that's for sure! And sometimes these calls occur in the afternoons. Whenever, they are always a great way for us to keep our connection.

My mother and the friendship we have... She's the best! I've always felt lucky and especially blessed to have her for my very own mom. Peter Pan would have loved her!

Sunshine, any day of the year... Anytime there is sunshine, I'm happy. I just love how it makes me feel, inside and out. If only the effects of it didn't show so much on my skin. I need a chemical peel, and soon!
My three B's... Brady, Brailey Shaye and Britt. LOVE them! They are more special than words can say.

Oh yah - these are a few of my favorite things. A very few! I have lots more...

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Happy B's

Brailey Shaye with her new kitten (she named him Jingles, and he's a hoot!) from Santa, and Brittster man playing with his new Star Wars ship (which he LOVES). Sheer joy!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Happiness on the "Day After"

Christmas Day was a great success for the 4 B's! My goal is always the same every year - not to go overboard, not to get too stressed out and to really teach my kiddos the true meaning of Christmas. I think I succeeded in all of those areas for the most part, especially the latter. Britt asked me about Joseph and God both being Jesus' father, and so did that mean Joseph was Jesus' step-father? I didn't know what to say! I'm glad he came to that conclusion on his own, though. And I'm so grateful my kids don't think Christmas is about presents. They are both givers and they appreciate more than the glitter of the season, which is particularly heartwarming if you are their mother... Brailey Shaye said she was so happy she felt like crying, yesterday. How special is that?! Now it is time to make resolutions for the new year, which I've already started on this month, so I'm ahead of the game, for once! Being without Facebook, I'll admit, has been difficult. I miss it... However, letting go has also been healthy in all the ways I'd hoped, both for my spirit and for my family. The biggest goal I have for 2010 is to learn how to "work acceptance," as Brady says, and to put all my love and energy into my own little family. Not that I'm going to be rude to everyone else, so please don't misunderstand. I just have to tweak my tendancy to give a bit and redirect it to the ones who really need and deserve it.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas 2009

Dressed and ready for Christmas Eve Mass last night - it was the Children's Gospel Story, and it was wonderful. Hope you all are having the best Christmas ever! We are missing my parents, who had to stay home due to my mom's recent eye surgery (and wouldn't you know the traditional Christmas breakfast rolls she makes did NOT turn out with me baking them this year...) Oh well! We are still happier than happy. Sending love and hugs to everyone as we celebrate the birth of our Blessed Savior. Rejoice!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

The 4 B's Saying "Cheese!" (or something else...)

Here we are, all 4 B's, posing for our Christmas Card pictures, which I took myself using the self-timer button on my camera. It must have been quite hysterical for the neighbors to see... I had one of our kitchen chairs on the sidewalk with a pillow on top of it and the camera on top of the pillow, and obviously I had to run back and forth a zillion times to get "just" the right picture. Brady was saying funny things so the kids would laugh, which actually made us all laugh - then we each had to take a turn saying something funny... The one with all of us kissing Brady was "my turn" and I said, "everybody kiss Daddy even though his ass hurts!" The funny thing he had said to start it all was that his ass hurt, since he was sitting on an old milk can. I'm sure it was uncomfortable, but like I always say, it doesn't matter how it feels, only how it looks. And look at the fabulous picture we got because of it? I've told Brailey Shaye many times, "looks are everything, so don't worry about how it feels." This is all said very sarcasitcally, of course, but realistically, there is some degree of truth to it. Those high heels are hurting your feet? No matter! They look fabulous, so suffer on, or you won't look just right...! Your hairdo is giving you a headache? Oh well - it looks great, so who cares? Yes, I've been known to do this before - hopefully Brailey Shaye won't be as vain as I used to be. Nowadays, I should try to care a bit more about how I look, but since becoming a mother, it just isn't as important. I still like to look nice, but I could frankly care less if I look perfect. So what can I say? Thank God for motherhood, that's what! Amid a zillion other things, it has saved me from the pain of "looking good." Today is Christmas Eve, and as Brailey Shaye said when she woke up this morning, "Merry Christmas Eve!" And as Britt said, "Tomorrow's Christmas?! Yaaaaaaaaaay!" So Merry Christmas, and may you look as good as you feel and feel better than you look, because we all know the stress of the holidays can take a toll on the body. Ha! Ha! Or rather, Ho! Ho! Ho! Merry Christmas, one and all!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Seattle Adventure

Here you see my little B's with my "soul sister" Nicoley. This is a great view of downtown Seattle, right near her house in West Seattle. Her little Jason Brooks is nestled in that tummy of hers, which is covered by the scarf. I met Nicole when I worked at the University of Oregon School of Law, and it felt like I had found the sister I always wanted. She is the most amazing, wonderful, special person you will ever meet, truly! The kiddos had a fantastic time in Seattle, and actually didn't want to come home - can you believe that? But we DID eat the best donuts in the world, see flying fish, take our "first" taxi ride, view some incredible gingerbread houses (I mean real masterpieces!), see a wonderful Peter Pan play, go up the Space Needle (a little challenging for Big Mama...), go to Toys R Us and pick out whatever "we" wanted, go to the biggest Goodwill EVER and see a whole lot of fun people and buildings and man! I'm out of breath just typing it all...! We even saw the busses the Tampa Bay Buccaneers were on, since they were police escorted into town on FIVE busses, which went right by our car (her Roberto, as she calls him), and then we saw all the Seahawks fans in their football jerseys and game day apparel, which was fun. It was an AMAZING trip full of adventure. One of my favorite parts was the "play" they put on for Nicoley and I, which ended up with her being the main character. My stomach still hurts from laughing so hard! They sang the entire "Grinch" song, Jim Carrey style, also, which I need to have them do again so I can film them. Anyway, it was a wonderful way to start our "Christmas Vacation!" We are very grateful to Nicoley for making it so special and fun. She is due to have her first baby in the beginning of February, so she had little extra "somethin-somethin-" to carry around - cutest baby bump ever! Needless to say, we really liked Seattle... OH yah!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

My Two Little B's!

Here they are! The best surprises of my life... I took this on the day we took our Christmas picture. It was one of the last nice days of fall, I think. A lot of people think they are twins when we go shopping or out to eat, because they are so close to the same size. Cracks me up! Britt actually wears a bigger size than Brailey Shaye, now. But she is still a tick taller... Not for much longer, I imagine!

It is beautiful and sunny this afternoon. No rain - yay us! The two of them were playing outside, hanging out with each other in the top of an apple tree while I cleaned stalls. As I was wheeling the horse pooh to dump it (one of 7 loads, by the way - true loads of crap!), I thought, "I am so blessed!" Kind of a funny time to think about how lucky you are, huh? What can I say? It just struck me at that moment! I truly count my blessings every single day, but sometimes I am extra thankful to God for Brady and my kiddos.

Facebook Deactivated!

I DID IT! It was hard, but a healthy decision for me and my 3 B's. There were so many people I had reconnected with that I loved keeping in touch with, and Facebook IS a lot of fun. But it is also too much of a time-hog. And my feelings were constantly being hurt, because I am such a Sensitive-Suzie... What can I say other than time marches on, and change is the only path to growth! So, let's hope I am growing - spiritually, though, not physically! (Don't need any more of THAT kind of poundage...) Hope everyone is enjoying their holidays. Post a comment so I know you were "here." LOVE AND HUGS TO ALL! ~bjm

Monday, December 21, 2009

Leaving Facebook

After much heartfelt consideration, I have decided to quit Facebook and to visit/share with family and friends via a blog. Yay me! Facebook was causing a lot of personal grief, and so my wonderful Soul Sister, Nicoley, suggested a blog (which is what she is going to do when she has her baby), and after looking into it, I agreed it is a better way to share and to keep in touch. I am far too sensitive to handle the stress of Facebook issues that crop up, and need to focus on only positive things in my life. So here I am, writing my first "blog!" Welcome aboard, my friends!

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