Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Facebook Deactivated!

I DID IT! It was hard, but a healthy decision for me and my 3 B's. There were so many people I had reconnected with that I loved keeping in touch with, and Facebook IS a lot of fun. But it is also too much of a time-hog. And my feelings were constantly being hurt, because I am such a Sensitive-Suzie... What can I say other than time marches on, and change is the only path to growth! So, let's hope I am growing - spiritually, though, not physically! (Don't need any more of THAT kind of poundage...) Hope everyone is enjoying their holidays. Post a comment so I know you were "here." LOVE AND HUGS TO ALL! ~bjm


  1. Okay, so I'm posting a "comment". Who knows if
    it is working or not with my state of mind these days. By the way, I loved how you said you want to grow "spiritually" and not "visibly." I like that! Your REAL mom !!

  2. Hi my favorite b's !

    glad you are blogging now !

    here is our blog address too :)


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