Saturday, December 26, 2009

Happiness on the "Day After"

Christmas Day was a great success for the 4 B's! My goal is always the same every year - not to go overboard, not to get too stressed out and to really teach my kiddos the true meaning of Christmas. I think I succeeded in all of those areas for the most part, especially the latter. Britt asked me about Joseph and God both being Jesus' father, and so did that mean Joseph was Jesus' step-father? I didn't know what to say! I'm glad he came to that conclusion on his own, though. And I'm so grateful my kids don't think Christmas is about presents. They are both givers and they appreciate more than the glitter of the season, which is particularly heartwarming if you are their mother... Brailey Shaye said she was so happy she felt like crying, yesterday. How special is that?! Now it is time to make resolutions for the new year, which I've already started on this month, so I'm ahead of the game, for once! Being without Facebook, I'll admit, has been difficult. I miss it... However, letting go has also been healthy in all the ways I'd hoped, both for my spirit and for my family. The biggest goal I have for 2010 is to learn how to "work acceptance," as Brady says, and to put all my love and energy into my own little family. Not that I'm going to be rude to everyone else, so please don't misunderstand. I just have to tweak my tendancy to give a bit and redirect it to the ones who really need and deserve it.

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  1. So glad to hear that your Christmas was so "joyfilled"! Thank you for inviting me to join your blog.


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