Thursday, December 24, 2009

The 4 B's Saying "Cheese!" (or something else...)

Here we are, all 4 B's, posing for our Christmas Card pictures, which I took myself using the self-timer button on my camera. It must have been quite hysterical for the neighbors to see... I had one of our kitchen chairs on the sidewalk with a pillow on top of it and the camera on top of the pillow, and obviously I had to run back and forth a zillion times to get "just" the right picture. Brady was saying funny things so the kids would laugh, which actually made us all laugh - then we each had to take a turn saying something funny... The one with all of us kissing Brady was "my turn" and I said, "everybody kiss Daddy even though his ass hurts!" The funny thing he had said to start it all was that his ass hurt, since he was sitting on an old milk can. I'm sure it was uncomfortable, but like I always say, it doesn't matter how it feels, only how it looks. And look at the fabulous picture we got because of it? I've told Brailey Shaye many times, "looks are everything, so don't worry about how it feels." This is all said very sarcasitcally, of course, but realistically, there is some degree of truth to it. Those high heels are hurting your feet? No matter! They look fabulous, so suffer on, or you won't look just right...! Your hairdo is giving you a headache? Oh well - it looks great, so who cares? Yes, I've been known to do this before - hopefully Brailey Shaye won't be as vain as I used to be. Nowadays, I should try to care a bit more about how I look, but since becoming a mother, it just isn't as important. I still like to look nice, but I could frankly care less if I look perfect. So what can I say? Thank God for motherhood, that's what! Amid a zillion other things, it has saved me from the pain of "looking good." Today is Christmas Eve, and as Brailey Shaye said when she woke up this morning, "Merry Christmas Eve!" And as Britt said, "Tomorrow's Christmas?! Yaaaaaaaaaay!" So Merry Christmas, and may you look as good as you feel and feel better than you look, because we all know the stress of the holidays can take a toll on the body. Ha! Ha! Or rather, Ho! Ho! Ho! Merry Christmas, one and all!

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