Monday, December 28, 2009

These are a few of my favorite things...

When the "holidays" are over and everything goes back to normal... We still aren't there, yet, but we are going to get organized today, and that will be a great feeling!

Getting up in the mornings with Brady and reading my book before my little darlings wake up... I love to do this while I sip my coffee. It is a peaceful way to start the day.
Listening to my B's playing with each other, both with girl toys and boy toys, and hearing all the hilarious things they tell each other to "say," as if they are in a movie or on stage... This morning Britt said, "Thank you for getting me Optimus Prime, Brailey, I really love him." And Brailey Shaye said, "Oh, you're welcome, Britt!" All on their own - no coaxing from their Big Mama, which made me feel very proud of them.

The snores and snuffles my pug Rosin makes... These are what keep me company when my kiddos are at school. If not for Rozzy-girl, this house would be unbearably quiet!

Our new house... It isn't a mansion, but it IS the perfect size for us 4 B's and it is easy to clean and it feels oh-so-cozy and has quite a lot of room for a smaller house. I love it!

Morning conversations with my mom... They are what keep me sane! I am so thankful for good phone plans, which allow us to talk as much as we want, and we always have a good amount of things to talk about, that's for sure! And sometimes these calls occur in the afternoons. Whenever, they are always a great way for us to keep our connection.

My mother and the friendship we have... She's the best! I've always felt lucky and especially blessed to have her for my very own mom. Peter Pan would have loved her!

Sunshine, any day of the year... Anytime there is sunshine, I'm happy. I just love how it makes me feel, inside and out. If only the effects of it didn't show so much on my skin. I need a chemical peel, and soon!
My three B's... Brady, Brailey Shaye and Britt. LOVE them! They are more special than words can say.

Oh yah - these are a few of my favorite things. A very few! I have lots more...

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