Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Best Days of Our Lives

My friend Kim, who is my twin, has two kids very similar to mine. We call each other "Twin" not because we look alike. She is beautiful and thin and half Chinese - very exotic looking. We are twins in other ways, though. We have the same potty mouths, we both hate cooking, we both love reading the same books, and we both have fun, precious, beautiful children. She has a daughter and a son, of course, just like me, and her daughter is the oldest, as well. I've written about her daughter before, referring to her as Brailey Shaye's best friend, Jaden. Jaden is older than Brailey Shaye, but they have a special connection with each other, which Kim and I knew they would have even before they really met one another. The reason I bring all this up is to touch on what Kim has said so many times and that I completely agree with - these, these days, right here, right now, are the best days of our lives.

And this is really how we are supposed to live our lives, right? Any expert will tell you the secret to happiness is to appreciate the Here and Now. And that is one thing I know I do. I have a lot of character defects, possibly more than my fair share, to be frank. The one thing I know about myself to be true above all other things, though, is that I appreciate my babies.

I think maybe it is because I am an older mom. My friend Nicoley, who is due to have her first baby any day, tells me that everyone is older in metropolitan areas when they have their first child. Me, though? I wanted to be a mom forever! I dreamed of having a little girl to call my own since I was a kid myself. I have worked in education all my life, and so I've been around a lot of kids, and I used to feel so annoyed with all the parents who only had eyes for their own children. And wouldn't you know, now that I have my two B's, I'm the same way! I try not to take it to extreme, but now I understand how someone could become so twitterpated with their own flesh and blood.

For me, pregnancy was a dream come true, because I had tried for several years to become pregnant. God always has the best plan, though, and none of my efforts to become pregnant worked out. I was married to someone else, and now I thank God every day that I didn't have a child with that man. In any case, even after Brady (who I believe is my soul mate) came into my life, we didn't get pregnant right away, and I truly believed I was infertile. I had just decided that it would be okay, that I would be fine without ever becoming a mother, that Brady and I could have a great life together no matter what, and then BAM! Pregnant! And I have to say, I loved every single second of being pregnant, both times! We thought Brailey Shaye was a true miracle of God, and were shocked when I became pregnant a second time. And Britt turned out to be just as much of a blessing as Brailey Shaye, and I always say he saved her, because if it weren't for him coming along, she would have been in daycare her entire life. And now, my two B's are the best of friends. So you can see why I appreciate them for the gifts they are. I feel so blessed and lucky to be their mother! They are wonderful in every way, and these really are the best days of our lives. And like my Keith Urban says, these are the days we will remember...

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  1. aw...thanks twin! :) love you too!
    Us mom's need to stick together!! It really is so much easier when you meet someone that is genuine (sp?)...and you are are a wonderful momma that lives for her kids..and you are not afraid to say "hey, I make mistakes!"
    These are the best years of our lives...I'm glad we can share them together!!


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