Friday, January 15, 2010

The F-Word

I definitely think this is definitive of the time we are living in... Britt told Brailey Shaye yesterday that he knows what the f-word is! "It's 'fart,' Brailey. That's why Mom has us say 'toot' instead." He apparently figured this out at school. Now tell me, is that hilarious, or what? But seriously, I can't believe KINDERGARTENERS are discussing all the "bad" words they know. Britt asks me all the time what the a-word is, the b-word, the d-word and he was dying to know the f-word before he figured it out. Little does he know, he's heard the real f-word a hundred-thousand times! And mostly out of my potty mouth, not his dad's... [Hey! I'm working on it! I'm a work in progress, remember? It is one of my New Year's Revolutions...] Funnier still is the book about Mt. St. Helen's that Britt brought home from the library? "Am I allowed to say that, Mom?" "What, 'Helen's?'" "Yah, isn't that a bad word?" Well, it does have hell in it, after all. That's some pretty good logic, don't you think? Speaking of mountains, Britt also told me he loves me all the way to the top of Mt. Heverest! I think he meant Everest, but "Heverest" is cuter. It kind of sounds like "heaven."

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