Thursday, January 14, 2010

Ice skating at the rink together yesterday - this was Britt's third time this winter! I was standing on a big step above the glass when I took this picture. Brailey Shaye loves it when Britt skates - she told me she is his "coach."

Britt took this picture of us on my birthday. Brailey Shaye took one of Brady and I with Britt, also, but my eyes were half-closed in it, of course. This is the first picture Britt has ever taken - not bad, eh?

Britt is proudly putting the candles in the cupcakes. This was a great job for him, and he was thrilled with his work!

Here are the gorgeous purple flowers from my parents and the lovely cupcakes and bear cake Brailey Shaye frosted and sprinkled. She made sure they were on purple plates. Aren't the flowers beautiful?! I love them...!

Brailey Shaye frosting the cupcakes. This took her about a half hour to do. She's my cooker, that's for sure!

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