Monday, January 11, 2010

The Queen B's Birthday

Oh yes! That would "b" me! Ha! Better known as Big Mama to my 3 B's, but also the Queen B of The 4 B's, for sure. And let me tell you, I was truly treated like royalty, yesterday! I have to say, it was one of the best birthdays I can remember. For once in my life, I decided not to get all tweaked out and worried about what Brady would "do" for my birthday, and it worked to my advantage, because he and the kids were fabulous! Since my birthday was yesterday, they went shopping on Saturday morning and according to Brady, had a big time picking stuff out for me. Britt got me a new cell phone, which I have been wanting (telling myself I "need," but this isn't exactly true), so that was a wonderful gift for me - it even came with a car charger, so that was exceptionally wonderful. Brailey Shaye got me an "ipod," which is actually an MP3 Player, but I would never hurt her feelings, and I don't know if I'll ever be able to figure it out, but I am so excited to have one! She thought it would be good for me to use when I "work out," you know... Brady had actually planned to get me those two things, but the kids took those ideas over, so he ended up getting me this really cool organizer for scrapbooking and knitting and reading or whatever I want to do with it. Very cool, since Saturday afternoon, my twin, Kim, started showing me how to knit! My family is super excited about this, for some reason? However, I definitely need some more lessons, because my practicing has turned into a big mess. Thank goodness Kimmie is such a good teacher and so patient with me. I am really excited to be learning a new skill, and now I have a bag to store my yarn and needles in! My parents spoiled me, as usual, rotten! They got me tons of scrapbooking things, because my mom remembered me telling her I want to learn how to do that this year. So cool! And, they gave me a gift card to one of my favorite stores and a gorgeous arrangement of purple flowers! BEAUTIFUL! They were sitting on the counter when Brailey Shaye and I got back from her softball clinic, and I said, who are these from? And she said, "Oh! I know! Those are from Grandma! She told me..." I do have to say that my favorite gifts, though, weren't the presents... It was all the extras... Like the way my Mom wrapped all my presents in purple paper with all these fun ribbons and bows on them, even though she just had eye surgery and can't see out of either eye - how did she do all that?! And the fact that she and Dad called and sang me Happy Birthday - that, I will never forget... And the way Brailey Shaye had me help her make cupcakes and then she frosted all of them with pink (her favorite color) frosting and sprinkles, which took her a good long time to do. And the way she wrapped all of my presents and made sure they even had bows on them. And the way all three of my B's worked so hard on my cards - so special! And the big hug and kiss Britt gave to me, because he remembered my answer when he asked me what I wanted for my birthday - a big hug and kiss. It was truly priceless... Of course I had to open my gifts first thing in the morning - they couldn't wait any longer! As soon as I said it was okay, they ran screaming into our bedroom to wake up Brady, "DADDY! GET UP - GET UP! IT'S MOM'S BIRTHDAY TODAY!" Just like it was Christmas morning or something... Our plan was to go to mass and then to Applebee's for lunch (or Applebeast, as Britt calls it). However, Brady is on call right now, and he got a big job right during mass, so we had to postpone our lunch until the afternoon. It all worked out fine. Later, Britt got to put candles on the cupcakes and my special little bear cake, since Brailey Shaye got to make them, frost them and wrap the presents. They both were so proud of themselves! And when it was all done, Brady said, "Was this your best birthday ever?" And I said, "Of course it was!" And Brailey Shaye said, "When we said our first prayer in mass this morning? You know, when we kneel down? My prayer was all about you, Mom. I prayed that you would have a great birthday." With a prayer that special, how could it have been anything shy of spectacular?

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