Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Spring Training Update

Well, we've had to tweak some things on our Spring Training campaign. After the first two times, it stopped being fun for the little B's. So, a couple of times, I had them do wind sprints, instead, which they liked much better. I have them each run as hard as they can from one end of the driveway to the other, individually, about 50 yards, I would say. Back in grade school days, during the annual Play Day in which all the rural schools in the county would come to my school for a track meet, we called it the "50 Yard Dash." I won every single race I ran in at those Play Days, but the pressure started to get to me, year after year, and I would literally lose sleep a month before The Big Day by the time I was in the fourth grade, and I would practice and practice running at home. I couldn't let Kristie beat me - she was my main competition! We tied a couple of times, but I never received anything less than a blue ribbon. So of course, as I watch my little dumplings sprint down the driveway, I can't help but remember my own childhood. The races started out small, the 25 Yard Dash for the little guys, and then the 50, 75 and 100 Yard Dash. The nerves had me so beat, I didn't run the race the last year, when I was an 8th grader, because I had had a seizure on a school trip to Portland a couple of months beforehand, and so I used that as an excuse not to participate. Afterall, better to keep my winning record than to fail the last year, right? In retrospect, I remember how unsupportive my teacher was, because he knew what I was doing. However, I was also on an anti-seizure medication which made me very tired and groggy, and I probably wasn't at my healthiest state. Maybe he could have cut me a little slack? Anyway, who knows why I got off on this tangent. Oh yes, my children taking me down memory lane... So last night, instead of running sprints, I decided the three of us would hike up the hill behind our house, because I didn't feel like jogging last night, and they didn't feel like running. There is a really nice road that leads to a house behind our hill, and it is all uphill. We walked up it last summer, and the kids love it! Brailey Shaye, who is my superstar athlete, did great! I had to keep saying, "Slow down and wait for us, please." "Us" was Britt, Rosin and I. I was fine, but Britt was having a hard time and crying and whining and wanting to quit. And so I said, "Come on, you're almost past the hard part. Keep going! Where's your heart?" And he put his hand on his chest. So I said, "Where's your try?" And he pointed to the ground behind him and said, "Back there on the ground." Which totally cracked me up! I told him to pick his try up off the ground and to keep on going. So he did... Grudgingly. Then, once he made it past the hard part, he was thrilled with himself, and the view. He said, "Wow - look at the sighting!" How cute is that? And then we discovered that we had another straggler - our 9 year old basset hound! She made it all the way up and back, which is amazing for the old, overweight dear. Britt said he liked the way back down the hill much better than the way up. And we all three enjoyed the scenery on the way down, which looks much different now than in the summer, because there aren't any leaves to block our "sighting." So, alas, the spring training is still on. And hopefully, my kids will never feel the pressure of a 25/50/75/100 Yard Dash like I did - hopefully, they will just enjoy running for the sake of running and walking for the sake of walking and enjoy it for the fun and fitness it provides, not as a test of who-knows-what. Oh, and just so you know? I never even went out for track in high school. But I did have a foot race with Brady a few years ago, on the same driveway I have the kids running on now, and I totally kicked his long-legged "B"hind!

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  1. You are such a good mom! I love that..where's your try?...I'm going to use it! Maybe the Lambert's will have to come hike up that hill with you this summer :) love you!!! twin


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