Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Spring Training!

The kids and I are officially in "spring training," or so I've told them. This is important for two reasons: Britt's therapy and my shape. We have always known Britt has trouble with his feet and running. It didn't come to light just how badly he was hurting, though, until tee-ball last spring. And so, nearly $700- later in therapy, we have been doing nightly stretches and exercises to try to help his body grow more normally. The problem is that his bones are growing faster than his muscles can keep up with, which has caused the muscles in his legs to be extremely tight, making his feet turn in. At one point last spring, he could barely run at all, and let me tell you, while this is nothing on the scale of the myriad of health issues some kids go through, even this small thing is heartbreaking for a parent. Frankly, I can't even imagine how devastating something worse would be. Well, okay, I can imagine it, but I don't want to - I'm the mom who cried over her daughter's broken arm, which puts it into perspective on my scale. In any case, I've noticed the stretches aren't working as well now that we are in the heart of winter and the colder weather, and so I told the kids we are going to do like the real baseball players do, and we are officially in spring training for tee ball! The bonus to this is me getting to exercise, which is something I badly need to do. We'll talk about my weight issues another time, but suffise to say I am thrilled my kiddos are at the age where they can "come with." And of course I changed my workout plan to accomodate all three of us, and so far, so good! I jog very slowly, and they can keep up with me easily. However, they don't have the stamina to go as far as I do, at this point, so they walk when they are tired, and then I meet them on the way back. And we only go on the road in front of our house, which is way out in the country and safe to be on. Brailey Shaye's legs are so long (thank you Lord, for giving her Brady's legs and not mine!) it is hard for her to go as slow as Britt and I. Plus, she doesn't have the physical problems we do. She has all those skating muscles and speed and strength. She more or less runs, and then is exhausted and walks. So it is good for her to learn how to jog, I think. She also tortures her brother, and won't walk with him when he needs to walk, and so there is whining and yelling involved. We are still tweaking a few things... I have to tell you, though, there aren't words to describe how cute it is to look down at Britt jogging next to me, with his arms and legs pumping away, pride written all over his face, which is bright red from the exertion - he has that skin that turns red when he is hot. Before we run, we do our stretching and "high knees" and skipping, which is supposed to be therapeutic for Britt's hip muscles. Today, we have Brailey Shaye's ice skating lesson, and Britt is going to skate around, as well. He is finally old enough to feel like he can skate. At the Ice Center's 20 Year Celebration right before Christmas, he skated for the first time in over a year with Brailey Shaye's ice coach, Allison, who was so sweet to put her skates on just to skate with the two little B's, and she told him how much he had improved, which was great for him to hear. He answered her, "Yah! Me not sitting on my knees and doing my leg stretches is really working!" Big Mama is keeping her fingers crossed that our little Spring Training will work, too, and come baseball in March, he will be able to run as fast as he wants to run, and maybe I'll be a little trimmer, too.

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