Monday, February 1, 2010

All the Way to Heaven and Back a Million Times...

After a fabulous long weekend at home, I was feeling a little sad this morning to be back into the swing of things. I know, I know... Some people just love the routine the school year provides. After having my kids home with me for five days in a row, though, I got spoiled! So in my sentimental state in the car this morning, on the way to Brailey's school, I said to them, "Have I ever told you how much I love you guys?" And they both said yes. And I said, "Oh yah? How much?" To which they replied in unison, at exactly the same time, word-for-word "All the way to heaven and back a million times and more!" Of course, from there it went into "Jinx-you-owe-me-a-coke!" In unison, at exactly the same time, word-for-word, until Big Mama could no longer stand it... Still, the point being, my babies definitely know how much I love them.

Yesterday was spent mostly outside, because the weather was gorgeous, and it almost felt like summer! Brady decided to ride his horse, and he talked Brailey Shaye into riding hers, too. We all had a great time! I didn't ride mine, because I put my back out helping Brady on Saturday. Still, I was right there, snapping pictures with my broken camera and soaking up the sunshine. Everything was going along just dandy until Brailey Shaye's horse dropped to the ground. He was so itchy from his winter coat, apparently, that he decided to roll! Which scared us all to death, but he did it very gently, and Brailey was able to jump off to safety. I was on the other side of the fence, and I've never felt so helpless in my life. Brady was right next to her, though, and he flew off his horse in a flash, and while I was panicked (one of those character defects previously mentioned), I did manage to shout to Brailey to get out of the saddle and off her horse. He never did roll, and after we wiped the tears away, she got back on and had a grande time.

After it was all over, I realized how fast Britt had come running to Brailey. He had been down the hill a few yards, playing with sticks that he likes to design into elaborate bridges and villages. When he heard the commotion surrounding his sister, though, he was there in a New York minute! He made sure she was all right, and then he stuck around to see that she was truly okay. As he crawled up on the fence, I noticed he had his cowboy boots on, which I asked him about, and he said that he wanted to ride, too. Now this is a first! So I led him around on Brady's horse, and he had a big time riding in our little pen. He told me, "Yah, if I want to ride horses at the rodeos this summer, I have to learn how to ride, so that's why I got my boots on."

Before all this happened, we had all four walked up the hill to see how our little arena looked, and the next thing Brady and I knew, we were involved in a rodeo! The little B's were riding broncs and bulls, team roping, bull dogging, judging, running barrels... All the rodeo events, of course. It was hilarious! So Brady and I had to show them how it is "really" done, and pretended to team rope and then bull dog, which I'm still laughing about. Brailey Shaye set a five gallon bucket on the ground, which was the steer, so Brady and I ran out for him to "bull dog," me hazing, and Brady actually slid to the ground and pretended to throw the bucket like it was a steer!

Anyway, that is what "spurred" us into getting the horses out and enjoying the nice weather. Today it is back to rain, of course, but it was wonderful to feel the sunshine on our faces and to enjoy our day together yesterday. I so love this family all the way to heaven and back a million times... And more!

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