Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Ash Wednesday - Let the Giving Begin!

Here it is, already Ash Wednesday, and only six (and a half) short weeks until Easter Sunday. The 4 B's discussed it last night over dinner - what we are going to "give up," or "give to" this year for lent.

I first brought it up to the kids on one of our spring training walks up the hill. We were on our way back down, and although this doesn't happen too often, my little B's were driving me crazy. It all started with Britt noticing that the area around us looked like it could belong in an Indiana Jones movie, or the Island of the Pelagostos from Pirates of the Caribbean. This led to us to coming up with different movie titles, like "Indiana Jones and the Coburg Hill" and "Indiana Jones and the Curse of the Trail" and Pirates of the Coburg Hills." The part that became annoying? It was neverending. Just went on and on and on, title after title. "No, how 'bout this!" "No, this!" And on and on and on...

So to stop the madness, I said, "Okay, that's enough of that. Let's talk about Lent!" It was the only thing I could come up with at the time that I knew would distract them. I explained the basic concept of Lent, and how you could either give something up or do something for other people. They couldn't think of anything, right then, that they might want to do or give up.

Later that night, though, as we were eating supper, Britt said, "Oh! By the way, Mom? I thought of something for Lent. I can give up asking if I can look at the toys." This actually floored me for a second. And it made me so proud of him! Why? Because Britt dearly LOVES to look at the toys in any store that exists. Every single time we venture in to Walmart or Target or Shopko or ANY STORE, he wants to look at the toys. Now we very seldom will buy anything, but he still likes to look at things. The point being, though, he got it! He understood what I was trying to teach. And so that is what he is going to do - not ask to look at the toys until after Easter.

As for the rest of us, we are still working on our individual New Year's Resolutions. In addition, Brady and I deciced to give up fizz which is going to be a major accomplishment if we manage to do it the entire Lent season. And Brailey is going to make something nice for her best friend Jaden and her Godmother once a week. She is such a good little girl, there really wasn't anything major for her to try to give up. Although we did determine she could work at putting her pj's away in the mornings without being asked to...

What I used to do for lent was to send a little gift to each of my Godchildren, one gift for each week. I really enjoyed doing this, and I think they liked it, too. This year I decided not to do it, though. It is always ended up being quite expensive, and I'm not sure it had the effect I was after, anyway. I am going to focus on Brailey and Britt's Godmothers instead, this year. And I'm going to focus on Brady, too - you know, give him a little somethin'-somethin' each week to show him how much I love and appreciate him. As much as I love to give presents, it should be fun!

I'll let you know how we do on our Lenten journey as we progress. May God bless our most heartfelt efforts.

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