Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Big Mama Peeves

It just has to be said - there are a couple of things in this world that really, really get to me. They both go together, and pretty much where you find one you'll find the other, but not always. How's that for a riddle? If you said, "Know-It-All-Phony-People," then you had the right answer.

More and more every day, it seems like the people in this world are crazy! Sometimes I really, really wonder what the world is coming to. At times I would swear we are all sinking slowly into madness. Do you know what I mean? Crazies! They're everywhere you look. Myself included, because I know I'm crazy - just ask God, and He'll tell you straight up I'm certifiable.

But here is what I am not - PHONY. And I would rather be crazy and real any day than phony. You know what I mean, don't you? OH yah - phony people are one of the worst kinds to deal with. And then, put the KNOW-IT-ALLS on top of that, or even by themselves, and you have the most annoying situation in the world sitting in front of you.

Now I have read in the past that if there is a quality you don't like about someone else, it probably means you have the same thing in yourself, which is why it bugs you when you see it in other people. Granted, I may seem a bit know-it-all-y at times. I can cop to that. But not on the scale I'm talking. Truly, I have analyzed this, and I don't think I'm over-the-top in what I know - in fact, I would like to become sturdier in my convictions instead of always agreeing with people. I need to become more thoughtful about my thoughts... But that's another post. I'm referring to experts in the extreme, and any time something is taken to the extreme, there are problems. Seriously, it is absolutely painful to talk to people who know everything there is to know, because they talk down to you, they interrupt you, and they darn sure don't listen to you. And guess what? Every now and then, I like to be listened to.

The phony people are not as difficult to take. Sure, they are annoying, but they at least appear to be wonderful on the surface. The problem for me with phony people comes when they are rude to one person and lovely to the next. You know what I mean? Like the person who is a hag to my mom, but a peach to my dad. That sort of thing. You follow? And then the coup de grace is when both characteristics are in the same person. Like the woman who knows EVERY THING, talks down to me, and then sticks her chest out towards my husband when I'm not there. OH yah - not my favorite person on the planet.

However, I have determined that we all need to have a little bit of phony in us, and THAT is one of the problems with myself - I cannot, under any circumstances, be anything other than how I feel. And I need to develop the skill of phoniness, because it can also cause problems to not be phony in certain situations. From the day I was born, my mother said she could read my face like a book. And that means what I am feeling shows itself to the world, every single day of my life. Now if I could just be a tad bit phony, I would not have this problem, and the mean, hateful, selfish, phony, know-it-all people in the world that irritate me would not know that they irriate me... You see what I mean?

And I think this is the lesson God is trying to teach me at this point in my life. Which comes back to acceptance. And let me tell you, I'm trying, but it just isn't in my nature to put up with baloney. But I am working on it, and that has to be the first step, right? One step at a time, I'm trying.

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  1. omg...I love you...this post you wrote made me laugh...I hear you! Hate the gosh darn phonies too, but you don't have to beat yourself about it!!! You are not phonie!!! I promise..that would mean I am too, because we are so much alike!!!


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