Thursday, February 25, 2010

Brady's Star of the Week Letter

I was wrong - the letters from Mom and Dad didn't get read yesterday. They are going to be read today, I think... Anyway, here is Brady's letter, which I think is wonderful. He is an amazing father, and my kids are blessed!

Dear Friends of Brailey Shaye-Shaye,

I gave her that nickname when she was just 3 days old.

Some of the great characteristics Brailey has is she is always trying to make other people feel good and she always tries to lend a helping hand. I like going for horseback rides in the field in front of our house in the summertime with Brailey – she is a very good rider and loves her horse. Sometimes I am able to take her and her brother to work with me, and she is always ready and willing to go, no matter how long or short the trip.

There are so many special moments I can think of…

One memory for me involves a certain rodeo we went to that had Muttin’ Bustin’, which stands for Sheep Riding. Brailey entered every single Muttin’ Bustin’ she could that summer, and the last one she entered was at a big fair and rodeo, and all the bull riders were there to help her get on her Sheep, and she was one of the last ones to ride. She rode her sheep the whole way down the arena, and the clown went out and got her, and she had to sit in the Winner’s Chair in the middle of the arena until every kid had gone. One of the committee men was standing next to me and said Brailey could win the sheep riding and they gave a great big buckle for it. There were two riders left, and I looked at her mom and said, “She could win this thing!” And the next kid fell off and then there was one. And her mom and I had our fingers crossed, and the last one bucked off, and Brailey Shaye-Shaye won! Her mom and I were more excited than she was. And that is my favorite picture we have of her, the one of her showing her buckle with dirt in her teeth.

Thanks for being such a good daughter, Brailey. I love you so much!



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