Saturday, February 27, 2010

End of February Pictures

The two best friends, walking up the hill. They held hands the whole way to the top, and most of the way down, on this particular walk. Brady and I thought it was adorable!

This is a funky tree along the road we walk on. I thought this was kind of a groovy picture.

My mom's best friend, Sharon, gave this doll to Brailey. It was her most treasured toy as a child, and Brailey adores it! She named her "Shaye," which is funny, because while it is Brailey's middle name, it is also Sharon's nickname, minus the "e." Brailey loves this doll... And wouldn't you know, she's a bride? What more could a little girl ask for?

We worked outside in the beautiful sunshine, last Sunday. We couldn't find Britt, for a time, but then here he came in full Indian dress. He loves to pose for me... Seriously, this was hysterical! An Indian in cowboy boots, helping carry dead branches to the fire... I'm telling you, our life is like a movie, all the time! Later on, when this costume got dirty, he disappeared again, and reappeared as an Army man, toy guns and all. Very entertaining!

And my beautiful Shaye-Shaye, relaxing in her "house," which is what she pretends these rocks are. I remember pretending big rocks were my house, too, as a kid. Isn't she a lovely girl? OH yah! God just doesn't make 'em any sweeter than my Brailey...

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