Thursday, February 4, 2010

Facebook Scare!

Well. Let me tell you, if I had any doubts about "deactivating" my Facebook account, they were laid to rest yesterday. Holy cow!

Here's what happened... I was having a great time emailing back and forth with my Nicoley, who is smack dab in the middle of pre-labor pains, and she sent me a link of her baby's pediatrician, who is a complete hottie! Oh my goodness, I can't even believe a man with such movie-star looks would be a baby doctor. And oh my LORD! I think my baby would be "sick" all the time and need all sorts of extra appointments in addition to those "Well Baby" visits. I bet the man makes a fortune off of women like me...

Anyway, after I let her know I agreed he was attractive, she said she knew he was my "type" and that I would think he was cute. My "type," in case you are wondering, is very Keith Urban, very Aiden from Sex and the City. And very Brady, as well - he's my soul mate and my heart throb and the whole nine yards, but it is fun to have little mini crushes on people that are not really real, you know what I mean? A fantasy crush or whatever. Men aren't the only ones who notice an attractive person! So, Nicoley mentioned this certain somebody that used to be a law student when we worked at the Law School. A certain somebody named Kevin VanDriesche. You say it like this: VAN-DREE-SHA, with the emphasis on the DREE. And ohhhhhhhh my Lord if he wasn't the dreamiest male I've ever been in the actual physical presence of. I mean, this man was model material. And the same age as me, so not some young buck like you're thinking, AND he had the same birthday as me, as well. He was total hotness.

Now you have to understand, this was not a serious crush, because I was madly in love with Brady. And pregnant with Brailey Shaye. I had just never been around someone so attractive before who actually talked to me. And when he would talk to me? I could barely BREATHE... Dear LORD! Which tells me I would never be able to actually meet Keith Urban - I'd probably fall over in a dead faint.

Are you wondering what Facebook has to do with this? Well, Nicoley and I each looked him up at exactly the same time, found him on a Facebook link, and sent the same link to one another (yes, at exactly the same time - see how connected we are?!).
Her in Seattle and me down here in Eugene.

Curiousity killed the cat, that is for sure, and I'm as catty as they come, quite frankly, so I thought I would just sign in to Facebook for a second to see if there was any other information on him. And WHAM! Just like that, I was BACK! My Facebook account was ACTIVE! Holy HELL it scared me to death! And so I never even attempted to look up Kevin VanDriesche. What I did do was frantically try to get my account back on "deactivated" status, and my heart was racing and I was just so shocked I had to type in my password three times and the special characters twice because I got the first one wrong and YIKES!

However, all's well that ends well, and it told me what I had been wondering - Facebook is BAD for me. It holds EVIL memories, and I am so, so, SO glad I'm no longer on it! I spend far less time on the computer, I'm more engaged with my family and I don't have all those icky feelings hanging over me all the time. There was a lot of good about Facebook that I miss, too, so don't misunderstand me, but some people use it as a weapon, and for me? Facebook is the DEVIL.

Kevin VanDriesche? He still looks to be as dreamy as ever, from the small Facebook photo I saw. Which is where he will remain. In dreamland, because my real life "hunk of burnin' love" is the only one for me.

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