Tuesday, February 2, 2010


When I was younger, back in my twenties, before I had my "phenomenal family" (that's what Dr. Phil says every family should strive to be, you know), I used to love to plan parties. There was nothing I loved more than coming up with a THEME. This was the secret to my success, I felt - having a theme and sticking to it. My first wedding was a masterpiece - truly, it was! My mother and I planned and planned and it went off almost perfectly, other than the wedding cake, which would have been perfect if the (stupid) cake lady had done what we had asked her to do. Oh, and one other minor detail - the sick feeling I had in my stomach the minute I signed the marriage certificate and the way my new husband completely ignored me at the reception and proceeded to get rip-roaring drunk at the expense of my parents. Still, for all other intents and purposes, other than my bad judge of character in choosing him, it was a wonderous event!

Last week, Brailey Shaye came down with a little bug, and so I kept her home from school. And I kept Britt home, as well, rather than spread the germs to other innocent victims. She is a tough kid to keep down, though, and by the second day, she was feeling pretty good, other than a headache. So she planned a party for her daddy, an "Appreciation Party," to show him how much we appreciate all his hard work. This was very intuitive of her, because that is what Brady needs to feel, of course - appreciated. How she knows this is a mystery to me.

Anyway, long story short, she made him a crown to symbolize his being the king of the family, goody bags for all of us, and as the time neared she felt he would be getting home, she set out an array of snacks and jars of water. You see, she had made a checklist in her diary, which she just that morning started writing in. You remember what I said about history repeating itself? Well, here we go again. My little party planner, reincanated through me... Once Brady arrived home, he was greeted with a boistrous "SURPRISE!" and presented with his crown and one of Britt's swords on a pillow. They were each dressed in proper party attire, which was a sparkly red dress for Brailey, and for Britt his Sparton costume from Halloween a few years ago. While we were waiting for Brady to get home, Britt said, "Man! Now I know how the Spartons felt in the winter. I have goosebumps!"

I'm glad the tradition is carrying on with all the party planning, because to be honest, I have changed over the years. I no longer care to have a houseful of people to entertain, no matter how much I like them. There are a couple of reasons for this...

One, I now have my precious little B's, and it is nearly impossible to prepare for a party when everything I do gets undone behind me, which turns me into a raging monster. The outcome just doesn't seem worth it to stress out about a clean house and everything looking just "so" when I become crazy over it. That is part of my nature as a Capricorn - I feel like things have to look perfect, and if they are anything less, then I feel like a failure. Thus, the raging monster, which also makes me feel like a failure on a different level.

Two, Brady and I have become homebodies! Remember when I said I didn't like to share my family? Well if I'm bad, Brady is worse, and quite frankly? We just like to be together with our own little selves, the 4 B's. Not that we mind having company, because we do enjoy our family and friends. We just like our time together with the four of us even more.

Sound ridiculous? Yes, I know... It is something I'm working on. Fortunately, we have the most wonderful party planner ever, Brailey Shaye, and I'm sure as the years wear on, we'll have more occasions to celebrate than my mind can possibly comprehend. If we're lucky...!

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