Monday, February 22, 2010

Man Teeth

Britt lost his second baby tooth yesterday! Although it was not as painless and drama-free as we would have liked, Brady finally managed to pull it out last night. The first attempt earlier in the day was not a success...

The problem was that his permanent tooth had already grown in behind the baby one. This is the second permanent that has cropped up behind the baby tooth for Britt. You see, unlike most kids, he doesn't want to lose his teeth. He was perfectly happy with his first set of pearly whites.

His first lost tooth became loose shortly after school had started this past fall, and he had a toy in a plastic bag that he was trying to open. No matter that I have told him repeatedly to never, ever, ever put plastic in his mouth. Well, the plastic got a little caught on that vulnerable bottom tooth, and he said, "Ow! I think I just broke my tooth!" So I looked back at him and saw bit of blood and pulled the car over. I checked it out, and saw that he had pulled the tooth loose and that there was a new tooth coming up behind the baby tooth already. I said, "You have your first loose tooth!" And off we went to the bank.

After a few minutes, I realized there was silence in the backseat, and I looked back to find my little boy crying. So I pulled over once again and said, "What's wrong?" To which he burst into even bigger tears, unbuckled from his seatbelt and grabbed me into a hug and said, "I don't want to lose my baby teeth!" Even though he had witnessed Brailey Shaye pull most of her baby teeth, the thought apparently had not occured to him that he would lose his, as well.

So we talked about it, and I explained how this meant he was growing up. And he finally decided it would be okay. After all, he did have a "man tooth" coming in! "If I have a man tooth growing, that means I'm half man, now!" Of course I agreed this was true...

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  1. I hate it when the BIG chompers come in! Remember when Griffy lost his? Now he has HUGE man teeth...absolutely hate how fast time is flying! Your baby boy is sooo darn cute...I saw him today in the hall and said "Hey Brittster Boy!" He turned and smiled and said "Hey there!"
    Growing up way too fast..I'm going to miss you next year!!!


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