Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Spring Training Revisted

Great news! We talked Big Daddy into going on walks with us! Last week, when he stayed home a day, Britt asked him to come with us for our trek up the hill, and Brady said yes. Now mind you, there was a lot of drama to be had on this hike - the usual whining from Britt going up the steep part, "I can't do this!" And then, once we got to the middle bend, which is where we usually turn around, Brady asked Britt if he would like to go all the way to the top, and he said "yes, yes he would." Which caused Brailey Shaye to whine and cry, because she didn't want to go that far. The physical work of walking uphill had nothing to do with Brailey's pain, though - she didn't want to miss Reba! We did miss the first episode, but we were back in time for the second one, so it was a fair compromise.

So as a result of this wonderful training exercising, Big Mama and Big Daddy were SORE! My ankles were tender for three days straight, my Plantar Fasciitis flared up worse than ever, and Brady's hips were killing him all week long. Hey - it wasn't my idea to go the entire distance! It was great to make it all the way to the top, though, and the view was fantastic, to say the least.

Yesterday, I manipulated Brady in to going with us again. Only not the entire distance, this time - just the halfway point. Now when I say "manipulated," that depends on your definition of the word. Brady is the one who sees it that way. I just pointed out to him that it was a great way for us to spend time together as a family, and it is good for his lungs and far easier on his body than running on the treadmill for ten minutes.... And I said a lot of pleases and put the most hopeful expression I could muster up on my face. Is that really manipulation? I don't think so, either.

Well, whatever, it worked, and the kids were thrilled, and so was I. And guess what? Now Big Daddy has decided we can do it more than once a week! We are going to shoot for every Tuesday and Thursday. Which makes me very happy, because while I enjoy the walk with just the kiddos and I, it is really nice to decompress Brady's work day and to talk about things while we are walking. What can I say? I like spending time with my husband! And when we got back, we spent some time practicing baseball. So the whole thing is a win-win situation, in my opinion.

I still haven't lost any weight, in case you were wondering. That battle is still being fought... Brady is bound and determined he and I are going to run in the Butte to Butte race on the 4th of July this year, though, so I am trying to get myself mentally prepared for that. Which means I'm going to have to exercise more than just once a week at the kids' pace. For right now, though, spring training is mostly about Britt and getting his legs and hips strong, and I think it is working.

Besides, I have lots of time before the Butte to Butte, right? If only time didn't fly by so fast, I might find more comfort in thinking that way...

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