Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Thank You Surprise

Brailey Shaye brought home with her from school something we've never, ever received before. Something I wondered if we ever would receive. Something we should have received many, many times before. Are you dying to know what it was?


Yes, she brought home with her a handwritten thank you note from her friend Henry. Now before I go on, I need to tell you we HAVE recieved thank yous before, so please don't misunderstand me. My friend Kim has had her little Jaden write thank yous to Brailey. Brailey's Spanish Immersion teachers have given her thank yous. Gramma Diggy and Gramma Anne always write us thank yous. And so does our Nicoley - always! What I am talking about is a birthday party thank you. You know, when you get invited to a kid birthday party. My kids love picking out presents for their friends and going to their parties! Yes, they have the giving bug, which is something I am so proud of.

Get this, though - no one ever writes a thank you! Maybe I am old-fashioned in my attitude about this, but I believe in handwritten thank you notes. And while I am on my soap box, let me tell you what I also think - it is lazy and rude and disrespectful not to write a thank you. For so many things!

When Brailey was in preschool, we had a big birthday celebration for her, and I wrote thank yous to every single family for the gifts they gave to her, and one parent actually had the nerve to tell me not to ever do that again. Yes! Can you believe that? She said, "I know how busy mothers are, and you don't have time to write thank yous." I just laughed it off - I was so insulted and shocked, I couldn't find words to say anything. The next year, we had another party, I wrote another thank you, and she said to me, "I told you not to write me thank yous!" Like she was insulted, or something. What?! This time, I stood up for myself and I said, "I like to write thank yous, and I believe in writing thank yous, so you and I are just going to have to agree to disagree on this one." Oh yes, and as I'm sure you've guessed, I have never received a thank you from her for presents we've given to her child. Apparently she felt she should have a free-get-out-of-jail card because she doesn't believe in them. Because she is soooooo busy... Whatever... Rude! Lazy! Disrespectful!

Thus, I was thrilled to see a handwritten thank you note from Brailey's friend Henry. It was a wonderful party, all the kids had a fantastic time, and Henry is blessed with kind, wonderful and thoughtful parents. Yes, I may be old-fashioned, but frankly, I don't care how "busy" someone is - there is always time to teach our children to be thankful. And it is a skill they can use for the rest of their lives.

Thank you for reading this blog.

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