Friday, February 5, 2010

Winter Candids

Skater boy, Britt. He is getting better every time he does it! It isn't exactly his favorite thing to do, but it is SO GOOD for him. And of course, wouldn't you know, he always makes a new friend, every single time. He's my social bug... Just like his father! OH yah.

This is from our riding excursion last Sunday. I love this picture! Brady's horse, Alvin, is camera shy. Wasn't it a beautiful day?!

This is what Britt does while Brailey Shaye does her reading, sometimes. The book pictured here is Spanish, and he didn't understand a word she was reading, but he was very, shall we say "supportive?" And perhaps a little distracting... And annoying, too. But oh so cute to his mother! And Brailey Shaye really didn't mind. She's the best sister he could ever ask for.

The two pirates! One of Brady's friends gave them this boat 3 or 4 years ago, because he knew how much Britt loved pirates. All of a sudden they decided to "set sail" one afternoon while I was cleaning stalls. Imagine my surprise as I came out of the stall and saw them dragging the boat across the grass to try to get it in the water. They were talking pirate talk and using their shovels for paddles. It was hysterical! Captain-this and My Lady-that... Once Brady got home from work and saw the "situation," he put a plug in the ditch to try to help the water rise, but so far, we haven't had enough rain for them to enjoy another pirate adventure. I wonder what our neighbors think?

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