Monday, March 22, 2010

Addicted to Train

Big Mama has a new addiction. Do you wonder what it is? I'll tell you what it is, or rather who - PAT MONAHAN, the front man of Train. How ridiculous is it that I have loved his songs forever and not even known it was him I was listening to? Dear Lord, people! This man is the best singer I have ever heard in my LIFE! Where have I been?

If you know me at all, it will shock you to "hear" this, because I am a major-big-superfreak fan of Keith Urban. I have loved that man since I first saw him come on the scene many moons ago. There is not a song Keith Urban has sung that I do not love. He is so the total package, in his voice, looks and playing abilities, and I would give anything to see him in concert. Except that I am spoiled, and unless I can meet the man, I really don't want to sit in the nosebleeds to watch him. I want to be front and center and then get a picture with him, you know? Actually, I guess I wouldn't give anything to see him, because I once gave up front row tickets to see him in Bend, Oregon, back when he was really coming on the scene. I had just given birth to Britt, and Brady got me the tickets for Mother's Day. However, I couldn't bear to leave my family while they went to a rodeo on that particular weekend, so I traveled to Long Beach, Washington with my 3 B's and missed the concert. And I highly doubt I will ever meet the blue eyed blondie boy...

So, what can we say? Moving on to greener pastures! Yes, we're back to Pat Monahan. And Pat Monahan has personality galore, he can sing the pants off of anything he wants to, AND he is oh-so-handsome! I think he is so attractive to me because he reminds me of Brady. He has those thick eyebrows and then his upper lip is a lot like Brady's. Brady has a mustache, of course, and I love his mustache. It is so COWBOY! He shaved it off a few years ago, and even his own mother wanted him to grow it back. But after seeing how hot Pat Monahan's bare lip is, I told Brady I was thinking about letting him shave his off. And Brady is so thrilled! He leaves the decision all up to me, if you can believe it. But I can't decide! I mean, he is so handsome with the stache, and it takes me so long to get used to him without it. I just don't know... The kids say NO WAY, but I think if I look at him in a Pat Monahan light, I might be able to handle it... (Hey! I already told you I was crazy!)

In any case, Pat Monahan lives just up the road with my own soul sister, ("Soul Sister" is the name of Train's latest hit song) Nicoley, in SEATTLE, and I just know I'm going to meet him someday! He actually brings people up on the stage to sing and dance with him at concerts - would that be fun or what?! Although I would most likely die of embarrassment, as self-concious as I am... I love all the fun songs he writes, and it is apparent the man understands women better than most men do. His wife is one lucky lady, yah?

I have always thought I would make a good wife for a super star singer, because after all the rodeos I've traveled to over the years, I already know how to live life on the road. Especially in a cushy tour bus! Going down the road in a pickup and living quarters horse trailer (full of horses, mind you!) from one town to the next as fast as possible all over the Northwest can't be that different from touring the nation in a big old bus. Can't you just see me on a tour bus?! Maybe in my next life, yah? For now I'll just hang with my 3 B's, and love every second of it, right here in one spot, home-sweet-home. Afterall, I've got my Train cd's and You Tube to keep my imagination running wild - OH yah!

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