Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Crazy Compliment

On Sunday, Brady paid me a nice compliment. We were talking about crazy people, and how it feels like the world is getting crazier and crazier every single day. And I said, "Well at least I know I'm crazy!" And this is where Brady paid me the compliment. He said, "That's why I married you. When I first met you, that is what was different about you. You knew you were crazy, and I thought, 'this girl is the real deal.' It's the ones who don't think there's anything wrong with them that you have to watch out for." And I was so thrilled to hear this! I said, "Really? You actually thought that about me?" And Brady said, "Yes, you knew you had some issues but you wanted to work on them, and that's a big deal."

I love this. It is truly one of the most wonderful things Brady has ever said to me. Because that is exactly how I feel! It goes back to the Know-It-All-Phonies of the world that I have such a hard time dealing with (see previous posts). I shouldn't be so smug about it, though, I suppose. Because after all, just because I realize my shortcomings and admit to them, it doesn't make me "better" than anyone else. And this is not what I'm trying to say. But I do wonder, why do some people live in such an oblivious state that they never even realize how self-righteous they are? How can some people always think they are right, no matter what? What makes a person turn out to never be able to admit to being wrong? What is that? And how does it happen to some people?

Well, what can we say? It is what it is. They are what they are. There's nothing I can do about these kinds of people. Except to stay away.

I do believe that is the healthy thing to do - avoid the crazies who think they are perfect. An author I like, who happens to be Catholic and writes about the Catholic religion, wrote in an email newsletter that I recieve about the quality of people around us determining our quality of life. He believes God's dream for us is to be the best version of ourselves we can be. I like this. He also believes that sometimes, being the best version of ourselves means surrounding ourselves with other people who are striving to be the best versions of themselves. Which can sometimes, not always, but sometimes, mean excluding people who aren't striving to be the best version of themselves they can be.

In any case, I'm just glad Brady realized I was crazy before he married me. And yes, "lucky, lucky" Brady, I'm still working on myself, every single day...

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  1. Ha! love you my crazy twin! I'm always telling you how freaking crazy I am!! You opened my eyes...you are so right! At least we can admit it!! I'll take our crazy anyday!! love ya!


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