Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Critical Life

Have you ever thought about how cricical this world has become? I, for one, cannot believe the horrible defamation our Presidents (yes, plural) of the United States have to endure. I mean, truly! A normal person would slit their wrists if they had to go through the amount of criticism our Presidents and certain celebrities have heaped upon them, day after day.

I mentioned in my last post that I used to wish I was a famous singer. Doesn't everyone have that dream? To be famous, at least? But in the last couple of years, I have never been so thankful to be "nobody." Because I would not be able to handle the slander and downright meanness that comes hand-in-hand with fame and fortune...

Truly, this concept is hysterical coming from me. I mean, quite frankly, I am one of the most critical people I know! I have a hard time keeping my mouth shut about certain things. And I do tend to notice when someone has a panty line or outdated clothes or cartoon hair. But the other thing about me is this - I am also a positive person, and I generally always think the best about people. Until they prove me otherwise. Which, in some instances, can be seconds after I meet them. Yes, I have been blessed with that intuitive gift of knowing someone's true personality right after meeting them. And let me tell you this, too - any time in my life I have ever doubted myself and tried to ignore that inner intuition telling me I do not want to be around this person, I have always, always, always regretted it! I cannot think of a single person I have misjudged upon meeting them. Yes, a real gift I have, eh?

Well, whatever. Whether I'm judgmental or not, I still don't know how President Barrack Obama manages to function on a day-to-day basis with all the hate he receives. And how about other celebrities? Good gracious! What did they ever do to deserve so much crap from people? For example, yesterday I heard a DJ on the radio complaining about Miley Cyrus' posture at the Academy Awards. Dear LORD! Is that truly worth worrying about? Give me a break! Usually bad posture is a sign of a low self-esteem. I suffer from it, myself. Makes sense, doesn't it? Poor Miley...

I wish people would worry about the things that really need worrying about. Like their kids, instead of themselves. Or how to help the people who are suffering right here in this nation we call the US of A. It is little wonder the world is so nutso - it is full of selfish, critical, mean people! What ever happened to being nice? And not for some sort of payment - just because it is the right thing to do?

And if you are wondering about my own tendancies to criticize, well yes! It is another one of those things I am working on. More acceptance and less complaining. Overall, though? I do tend to think the best of people. And I could care less if Miley Cyrus had bad posture at the Academy Awards. Because I think it is amazing that she had the wherewithal to walk down the red carpet in the first place.

I know, who cares, right? Probably just me. I am tired of people constantly putting someone else down, be it a celebrity, the President of the United States of America or their own family. I wish people could remember that they are still people, and a person's a person, no matter how famous or normal.

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