Saturday, March 13, 2010

Early March 2010 Candids

Brailey Shaye came home from school sick on Wednesday. So Britt made his way outside to play by himself. He told me he was out front, so I knew where he was. I didn't know what he was doing until he came in, though, and mentioned that it was going to be great when he and Brody "dug up that treasure." And somehow, I decifered that he had actually buried the money jar he got for his birthday from Aunt Nicoley last year, which has quite a bit of actual hard cash and coins in it. So I made him go back out and get his money out of the chest. Later on, I was shocked to see just how serious he was about burying his treasure. Dear Lord! He meant business! I took this picture of the evidence, because I think it is priceless! Reminds me of the time my cousin Max and I dug a "swimming pool" in front of my grandparents front door while my grandpa was watching us. He was shocked at the size of the hole we dug - actually, so were our parents and grandma when they came home!

Our wonderful neighbor lady told Brailey she could pick all the daffodils she wants, this spring. There is nothing my Shaye-Shaye loves to do more than pick flowers, so it was a wonderful activity for her, which she enjoyed immensely. She gets this flower picking trait from my grandmother on my mom's side. My mom and I both like to leave the flowers in the yard, but my grandma love-love-loved to pick them, and so does Brailey. She also gets this from her Aunti Nicoley, with whom she shares a lot of personality traits. No blood relation, but I think it passed to her through my stomach, because they are a lot alike! More about that later...

The two skater girls posing for Big Mama! Nice foot action, eh? Truly, these two are ADORABLE!

And here are the three of them... Britt insisted on being in the middle, or he would not be in the picture. Brailey and Coral wanted to be together, but he wouldn't have it. I realized he is a little jealous of his sister's friendship during this photo shoot. Or maybe he is possessive? It was fun for me to watch, that's for sure. Coral said, "Britt, if Brailey was your best friend, wouldn't you want to be next to her in the picture?" And I thought to myself, "Yes, that is exactly why he wants to be next to her." Still, it is a precious picture, and I love it, and you can see what happy, fun, darling ice skaters the three of them are. (I swear I'm not barn blind!)

How do you like my makeup? I look like I got beat up! Which is ironic, because that is how I was feeling inside... Ha! I had an emotional "situation" occur near the end of the week, and my intuitive little B's wanted to make me feel better on Friday night. So they secretly got into their swim suits (which is why Britt has no shirt on in this picture) and turned the bathroom into "Hawaii" so they could "take me away from my stress." Brailey gave me a foot massage to "take my nerves away." And then, I had my makeup done... Brailey said it didn't quite turn out how she wanted it to. She wanted my skin to look "tanned." Britt performed musical numbers for us while Brailey worked her "magic" on me. Truly, I have the sweetest children in the world, and they are caring souls, to say the least. I am blessed!

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