Monday, March 1, 2010

Gift Card Fun

All 4 B's have a cold. We've been so lucky this winter! Of course, I have been meticulous about not touching door handles, wiping down our shopping carts and using hand sanitizer, and I think it helped for most of the winter. We kind of let our guards down the last couple of weeks, though, and WHAM! We are all hit with a little bug. But nothing too horrible, thank goodness.

We still managed to have a wonderful weekend in the beautiful sunshine. On Saturday I felt my worst, and Brady had to work all day, so the kids and I headed to town for Britt to spend his ToysRUs gift card from my parents. The boy does NOT need any more toys... Seriously, he doesn't! But a gift card is a gift card, and so I told him we could go. He loves to build with his lincoln logs, so I told him he could get more lincoln logs, and that was it for toys. We'd have to find something he needed for baseball for the rest of the amount. And this is what he said. "Okay! Sure! And Brailey, you can pick something out, too. I don't want you to feel bad." Can you believe that?! Six years old, and he did it all on his own! Brailey was thrilled, and she picked out a little pretend hampster that she adores. So after that, I left Britt go ahead and use the rest of his gift card on another small toy for himself. And they were happy as clams for the rest of day! Which allowed me to park on the couch and finish another Jodi Picoult book.

Britt had gift cards to Target, too, and Brady went with us to Target yesterday. Since baseball is about to start, we had him use his money from the gift cards and then his ten bucks that Uncle Boone and Aunt Cindy gave him for new baseball cleats and a new batting helmut and some practice balls. Britt was happy to use his money for this - I was proud of him.

Brailey got her new cleats for baseball, too, so the little B's are all set for the season to begin. Big Mama, on the other hand, is not quite ready for the hustle and bustle of practice and games, but as long they are both on the same team, it shouldn't be too crazy. Also, the ice rink will be shut down from the end of March until August, so we won't have those trips to add into the mix, which should be helpful.

In any case, we truly are all set for the ball games to begin! Now if we can just get over these nasty colds...

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