Thursday, March 4, 2010

Memory Lane

My nieces, Lanie and Lexi with my little B's at the Oregon coast. This was taken three years ago, I think? Maybe four! I can't remember... It was a special day, though, and we all had a good time.

All these other pictures are from three or four years ago, as well. My mom took all of these! Brady bought me a new camera over the weekend, and I was downloading some pictures with it onto my computer last night, and wah-lah! I found a folder of pictures I had completely forgotten about! It was a wonderful surprise... In these pictures, we were celebrating Brailey Shaye's birthday with my parents. We met them at the Blue River park, which we used to do quite often. It is a perfect meeting spot, and has a swing set, play structure, basketball court and a couple of picnic tables. And it is never in use! When I looked at these pictures, it made me sort of sad, though... Look at how CUTE my babies were! And I thought, "Oh my gosh! Did I appreciate them enough at the time?" I really try to do that, every single day, but looking back at these pictures, I just can't believe how much they have grown, and those wonderful school-free days are over. Brailey had ran to us and tripped on something which caused her to fall right on the corner of the picnic bench, which is why her chin is all red. And look at little Brittster Man, looking at a pirate book that my mom had brought to him. Yes, he has been obsessed with pirates for as long as I can remember! Those chubby little arms are so adorable, aren't they? And Brailey Shaye with her bouquets of wildflowers she found. She's always loved picking flowers... Anyway, I thought these would be fun to share. Time is just going so fast, maybe for one moment I can make it slow down, via a trip down Memory Lane. Seriously, weren't they the cutest babies EVER?!


  1. LOVE your "blog", it all! hope all is well...waiting for SUMMER here in Grant County!!
    Take Care Dear Friend...

  2. ok, you've got me is my blog I just thought I would "try"...


  3. These are really cute pictures. You look so pretty! Look how little and sweet Brailey and Brittster look! Time flies way to fast...I wish we could go back in time. I know what you mean about getting sad when you look at pics of when they are little


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