Tuesday, March 2, 2010

More February 2010 Pictures

I do truly love this little poser... He always gets in the perfect "stance," and then after I take the picture, he'll say, "How 'bout this?" "Now this!"

Brailey Shaye's ashes from Ash Wednesday. My little spiritual angel-girl...

My 3 wonderful B's, at top of our hill walk. You can tell it was a beautiful day. I think my B's make sun shine even brighter!

Now this cracks me up! Jingles, the white kitty, is one of the kittens Santa brought to Brailey Shaye for Christmas. He sleeps in the bathroom with Rosin, our adorable pug, every night. He has his own bed, the green one next to the one he is in, but he prefers to sleep with Rosin. And Rosin is so sweet, she goes along with it. Pretty cute, huh?

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