Tuesday, March 30, 2010

My Favorite Mother

Whenever I need advice about pretty much anything or just somone to vent to, I call the one person I don't mind spending hours on the phone with - my mother. I swear on a stack of bibles, my mom can solve anything! I have always been so proud of the mom I have, and I remember when I was growing up everyone always wanted to "have" her for their own mother, which I thought was pretty cool. She has always been the kindest, most giving, best cookin' and coolest lookin' mom I know. And this is a fact - without her, my kids would not be half as wonderful as they are, because not only did I learn from the best, I have best resource out there in her advice. Truly, were it not for her, I would still be arguing with Britt and not even realize it, admid a myriad of other things. Thank God for my mother! I thank Him every day for her, as a matter of fact.

Yesterday she had her second major eye surgery, which happened to land on her birthday. She had the other eye done back in the beginning of December, and it is has been a roller coaster ride of ups and downs and zigzags and every possible emotion under the sun since then. She is a trooper, that's for sure! She had just gotten to the point of feeling somewhat back to normal, and now she is back to square one. Only there is a bigger light at the end of the tunnel, this time, and the added benefit of actually being able to see out of her newly healed eye. Last time, she couldn't see out of either one, so it was a scary time for her to say the least, to be as close to blind as it is possible to be without actually being blind. Unfortunately, the eye is one of the slowest organs to heal, so it is a frustrating process to endure. She has a rare eye disease called Fuchs Dystrophy, which she could write a book about, but I can only tell you causes the pumps in each of her eyes to be unable to pump the liquid out, which causes her vision to feel like she is viewing the world through the dirtiest shower glass you can imagine.

In any case, I am so, so, so glad these surgeries are over, and I pray she can get her life back to what it used to be. She does have to have one more cataract removed in a few weeks, and we do have to worry about her eyes rejecting the new corneas, but after that, God willing and a few other folks don't mind, her eyes should continue to mend. And hopefully, her two-going-on-three year struggle will be over.

The sad part of all this for me (yes, there is a sadness - you didn't see that coming, did you?) is that in a couple of months, now that her major eye surgeries are over, she and my dad are moving back to Harney County to "retire." (Tears!) I can barely stand the thought of it... I haven't been able to see her nearly as often as I would like to as it is - we've been trying to keep all the germs away from her so she wouldn't get sick before her surgeries. Now, with them living an even greater distance away, I am sure our visits will be even more infrequent. The simple fact of the matter is that my parents are getting older, and I don't like to think of them in that light. I want them to be forever in their late 50's, early 60's - indefinitely. Forever and ever, Amen. I, afterall, have been holding steady at 29 for years, so why can't they?

Whatever the situation, I am going to miss them like crazy, to say the very least. A little over a decade ago, I had a whole different life in Harney County that I don't even remember half of (I blocked it out, somehow - weird, huh?), and so I am feeling sentimental and meloncholy today about the fact my parents are going to live so far away from me and my 3 B's. Thank God for the telephone! I don't enjoy talking on the phone at all, except to my mother (and Brady, but he's like me - keep it short and sweet!). When my mom and I get on the phone with each other, we solve all the world's problems, including a lot of my own. The bottom line is that God blessed me beyond words when He gave me my mother, and I am thankful to my toes for her.

Happy Belated Birthday, Mom, and Happy Recovery, as well. I love you! Truly, you are the best!

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