Wednesday, March 10, 2010

My First Nephew!

Here he is! My (pretend) nephew! He is the only one I have, so that makes him even more special... Isn't this the most darling picture ever?! He is the healthiest looking newborn baby I have ever seen. He weighed almost 9 pounds, though, so what can we say? And he was born without the help of any kind of painrelieving drugs - ALL NATURAL! I can't even believe how tough my Nicoley Jo is - amazing! His name is Jason Brooks Klein, and this is the picture from his birth announcement. Nicoley is a phenomenal photographer (the artist in her!), and so he is going to have zillions of precious pictures to document his life. I told her she should enter them into a baby contest, because as adorable as he is and as good as she is at taking pictures, she would win them all! She's a winner, anyway, though - I mean, look at that precious little man! When she and I first met each other, she talked about someday having four boys... We shall see! She and her husband do make beautiful babies, though, so why not? The four B's are excited to meet the cutie-pie - she is going to come and stay with us at the end of this month, and we can't wait! In the meantime, we are enjoying every single picture we see of him. ISN'T HE PRECIOUS? OH yah!

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