Wednesday, March 17, 2010

My Twin, "Little Mama"

Little Mama and Big Mama, twins of the heart!
About a year ago, I discovered I have a twin. Not a long lost blood-related twin, mind you, so don't start thinking on that tangent. My twin looks nothing like me. She is half Chinese, so she has gorgeous black hair, the kindest brown eyes you've ever seen, and a slender frame. In looks, I guess you could say we are polar opposites. She is tiny, I am big. She has brown eyes, I have blue. She has her natural hair color, I have "colored" hair. She has a light smattering of adorable freckles, I have a few scattered moles (one of which I claim as my "beauty mark" - ha!). But looks are where the differences end. Because when it comes to matters of the heart? We are so the same! I first met Kim when my daughter started preschool. Like me, she has a daughter and a son, and her daughter is the oldest of the two. You may have read about her daughter in previous blog posts, because she is one of Brailey's besties - "Jaden." Kim and I knew they would love each other before they even met one another, and (once again!) we were right. They were able to play with each other last spring while their little brothers played tee ball, which is how, when, where and why Kim disovered we are twins... Kim and I bonded over our mutual adoration for our babies, our wild use of profanity (which we are both trying to stop using), our love of reading the same kinds of books (currently Jodi Picoult), the way we live for summertime and time spent at home with our families and so many more things I can't even list them all. Kim is the friend I've been searching for since moving to the valley ten years ago. I found my "soul sister" shortly after moving here, at the UO Law School. Nicoley was the sister I had always, always wanted, and I am so blessed to have found her, as well. But she moved away to Seattle, and I didn't even realize how much I missed having a friend around to see and talk to and complain about the little things in life with. So lucky for me, I have two great blessings in their friendships, and I am grateful beyond telling. I'll write about Nicoley in another post (you can also see her in previous ones, "Seattle Adventure" and "My First Nephew") so you can meet her, too. So Kim and I, we were so excited for baseball season to start this year, because we signed up to be on the same team so our two little girlies could spend time with one another. They go to different schools, so that makes it hard for them so see each other. Kimmie and I, we were going to walk the track during their practices and just love every second of watching our sweet babies play baseball. She is teaching me how to knit, so we were going to work on that, too. Not to mention the discussions we love to have about these Jodi Picoult books we are addicted to reading. Oh the plans we had! And then they started unraveling... Long story short, our kiddos ended up on two completely different baseball teams. So that was that - our great plans squashed. Which is a real bummer for so many reasons! But God works in mysterious ways, as they say, and I believe everything happens for a reason. Until we come up with our next big plan, we'll just have to continue to have our chat fests in front of the school each morning (Britt goes to kindergarten where her kids go to school). And we'll find other ways to spend time together, for the sake of our kids and even our husbands. It is rare to find an entire family that you can bond with. Yes, we will find other ways, even though time is one of our biggest enemies, because we never have enough of it. If there's a will, there's a way, though, and right now I'm just thankful for last tee ball season, because Kimmie and I? We found each other! And I'm so glad she's "mine." Not that I'm possessive or anything like that, so don't take your mind down that tangent, either. I just don't trust many people (hardly any!), and I would trust Kim with my life. Even more? I would trust her with my kids' lives. Yes, she is that amazing...

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  1. this made me cry!! I love you! I really don't know what I would do without you girl! I really feel like you LISTEN to me and really truely understand me! Now understand this...I look like HELL in that picture. You look great! hahahahaha! love ya Big Mama!


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