Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Nickname Fun

Have you ever noticed how names are used for many different purposes? Well, I have.

When I was growing up, my brother couldn't say my name, and so he would say something close to "Bo." I remember this really irritated me at the time, because everyone thought he was SO CUTE and he wasn't even saying my name right! I told you I was a jealous sibling... The thoughts of a four year old! Anyway, that became my name, and nearly everyone I know from my "former life" (that one I mentioned back in Harney County?) call me that today. I love that nickname, and I miss it. Ironic, don't you think? Considering that I hated it in the beginning and now I'm mourning the decline of its usage?

When I moved to the valley, I became "Bobbi Jo" full time. Brady really likes my name, and since that is how he introduced me to everyone, that is who I became. Bobbi Jo. My real middle name is not Jo - it is Josepha. You say it like this: Jo-SEF-ah. I love, love, love my middle name! What I do not like, though, is being called Bobbi. I am not Bobbi.

When I was little, if I were in trouble, my dad would call me Josepha. "JOSEPHA!" he would boom, and that meant I was really close to some serious discipline. Believe it or not, Brady still uses this principle today. He never calls me by my name. It is always "babe" or "honey." You know how it is when you are married. Whenever we are having an argument and he is getting super mad, though, he calls me "Bobbi Jo." And that is how I know he is getting more irritated than normal. And it annoys me when he calls my by my name, because I know he is doing it on purpose.

Brady doesn't really have any nicknames, other than Big Brady, I guess, or Uncle Brady. One of his best friends named his son after Brady, and so we all called him Little Brady and then my Brady was Big Brady, just to keep them straight. Now Little Brady is bigger than Big Brady, though. But we still call them Big Brady and Little Brady - how else can we keep them straight?

One thing Brady does that I love is put an "ee" on the end of most people's names. So if you are Kim, he'll call you Kimmie. Or if you are Nicole, you'll become Nicoley. He also changes people's names from what they are. Like our friend Suzanne he calls Susan. And sometimes he will just call someone a completely different name. It is hilarious! Like Britt's classmate Makenna he calls MaKibbon.

We call Brailey Shaye "Shaye Shaye" and Britt is "Brittster Man." He gave himself the nickname "Britt-Britt" and then started calling Brailey "Bray-Bray." Brailey is the one who started calling Britt "Brittster Man," because when he was born, I called him Mister Man, which was funny, because although I had never heard this before, it is what my mom called my brother when he was little. So long story short, Brailey changed it to Brittster Man. Brady sometimes calls Britt "Bruiser," too, because he is such a big Bruiser. And "Little Man," too. And then he calls Brailey "Cakes" or Brailey Cakes.

We make up all kinds of names around here! Nicknames are a term of endearment, and just like the people they refelct, we love them.

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