Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Pinching Issues

Yesterday on St. Patrick's Day when I picked Britt up from school, I gave him a light, gentle, cute, little "love pinch." And he said I shouldn't have, because he had green on, so he pinched me back for real. OUCH! So when we got home, he said hi to Brady, who was parked on the couch watching tv, still sicker than a dog, and they started talking about pinching and why didn't Brady have any green on? And then THIS conversation happened, which I think is hysterical!

Brady: Whatever you do, Britt, don't ever pinch a fat girl on the bottom.

Britt: Why?

Brady: Because, that's disgusting.

Britt: Too late, I already did.

Brady: Who?!

Britt: Well, Mom's fat and I pinched her on the bottom.

Brady: No she's not!

Britt: Well she says she is!

Brady: I know, and she shouldn't say that. But whatever you do, don't be pinching those fat girls.

Me? I was standing in the kitchen, laughing my "fat ass" off! Now that's funny, I don't care who you are!

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