Thursday, March 25, 2010

Spring Break Skate Date

Here they are - the four sweetest children on the planet! (I'm the mom, remember? My blog? I'm allowed to be conceited in this regard...) We met Jaden and Griffin on Tuesday for a fun little skate date. They skated for two and a half hours! It was fantastic - Kim (Little Mama, remember?) and I talked about everything under the sun and then some! Brady called us and said his ears were burning, but we never even got to the subject of him. Ha! It was a great afternoon, and the kids had a blast. We wanted to head to the park this afternoon, but it is raining, so we are trying to come up with a Plan B or C or D...


  1. those are the SWEETEST pictures!!! I LOVE the one of Brittster huggen Griffy! Oh my...our girls are the custest!!! They all look so happy on the last one...I love them!! I wish we could bottle this time up!! thanks for ALWAYS taking pictures...I love it!!

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