Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Catholic Classes

Now that Brailey Shaye is in second grade (okay, who am I kidding!? She's almost a third grader, darn it!), she is preparing for one of the seven Catholic sacraments. She has already received two sacraments - baptism and reconciliation. Reconciliation is also known as confession, and she had her first confession this past fall. Now she is preparing to receive her first communion, or the sacrament of eucharist.

The super cool thing about her going through this special preparation is that she is taking a class every Monday evening at our church. And even cooler is the fact that her two favorite boys from her class at school are also Catholics and taking the same church class! So it is nice for them to have each other in those classes, because most of the other kids go to the private Catholic school and know each other. The program is wonderful, because there are fantastic teachers who come to these sessions and teach the children about the sacrament they are going to receive. They broke the sacraments up into two sessions. The first session was held in the fall, as I mentioned, and was reconciliation. And now we are into the spring session of Eucharist.

Now I have to tell you the other neat thing about these classes....

While the kids are in their class, there is another room with a parent class held at the same time. So we have "concurrent sessions!" This is so we parents can refresh ourselves on our religion and help our children. We have a truly amazing teacher -she is a wealth of knowledge and has the gift of being able to teach it perfectly. Every time Brady and I walk away from the class, we are amazed at how much we were taught. And how fascinating the Catholic religion is!

And now I must confess to you one of my sins regarding these classes... I was irritated at having to take them, back when they started in the fall. I felt like they were too late at night, because our bedtime is always 8:00 PM, and Brailey goes to a tough school where she needs to be alert and rested (I know, this is the same thing every parent thinks about their kid's school, but remember Brailey's is Spanish Immersion). Now, I am ashamed at my attitude, because while Brailey Shaye loves her Monday evening class, I love the parent class even more! I cannot tell you how nice it is to go and learn the reasons behind what we do, the history of the bible and the Catholic church, which has always meant so much to me. The reason I love being a Catholic is because I know it was the first church - it is truly the Lord's church, started by Jesus Himself. Now do not misunderstand me here, because I do not judge other religions. But I do find a lot of comfort in the fact that Catholics go all the way back to the beginning. That means something to me...

So now I look forward to Monday nights! This Sunday Brailey Shaye will be blessed at mass, and then she will have her first communion sometime in June, for which we will hold a special celebration. Brady's Godfather's wife offered to make her a special veil to wear, which is so thoughtful and special. I pray it will be a day in her life that she never forgets.

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