Friday, April 9, 2010

Comments? Anyone? Please?

Seriously, I love writing this blog. It has become an addiction, and is even therapeutic in many ways for me. However, I think I am writing it for three people, because those are the only ones who ever mention anything about my posts to me on a regular basis. Yep - my mom, my sister and my twin. That's it - my whole blog crew!

Someone told me a while back I am a "needy" person, and I have to have a lot of praise and attention. I didn't put too much stock into it, since the person who said it is possibly the most attention-seeking person I know (I mean, really. Can you imaginge having someone who has fake boobs on full display practically to the nipple at all times criticize you? Seriously. Give me a break!)

However, as I think about my blog, which can certainly be considered attention-seeking, I realize there may be a grain of truth to the matter. Perhaps I am needy. Perhaps I do need a lot of attention. And when I think about it further, I think that is all I have ever wanted my entire life... To be acknowledged and noticed as a person worthy of being someone special. And really, isn't that what we all want?

My mom sent me an article a while back about kids wanting you to "watch" them all the time. "Hey Mom, watch this!" and "Mom, look at this!" and on and on. And we grow up doing this, and it never really stops, does it? When you are in high school, you want your friends and family to come and watch you play your sports games or to see your concerts or plays. And even as adults, if you are into something, you still want someone special in the crowd who is there just to watch you. What is a sport, after all, if there is nobody to watch it? Why do little girls dream of growing up to marry Prince Charming in a dream wedding? Because they want people to see how special they are, that's why. We all want to be a "star" in our own little worlds, don't we?

The point being, I think it is natural for me to want people to read my blog. I mean, I am writing it for a bigger audience than my beloved mother, sister and bestie. I have rediscovered how much I adore writing through this blog. And I also love to share, share, share - I'm not a private person, so here it all is, my needy soul bared for the world to see...

So if you do read my blog, please feel free to comment. Or to become a follower. Or even to mark what you think of the post - cool, interesting, whatever! I check my posts every day to see if there are any comments. And sadly, there rarely are. Comments are like a present to me - manna from heaven, I'm telling you! So please, if you read this blog, let me know... You don't have to, of course, but I would love to hear your thoughts about my thoughts. Love and hugs from my needy soul to yours!


  1. I love your blog! I can hear you talk I read it! Don't ever stop!!!

  2. I loveeeeeeeeeee your blog too silly soul sister! You make me laugh and I get a bit of you and your kids to brighten my day. I went outside too much the other day and got some of that pregnancy mask around my lips.. ugh awful! Going to a mariners game tonight with the boys - wish us luck, hugs, coley


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