Thursday, April 15, 2010

Introducing Quickity Split

Here you see Britt with his new horse, Quickity Split! We picked this horse up for a song and a dance on Sunday, much to Britt's surprise, and he couldn't be more thrilled. A friend of ours was saving this horse through the winter for us, and he bugged Brady endlessly to come and check him out for Britt, to which I kept saying "NO-NO-NO-NO-WAY-JOSE." Well, wouldn't you know, Big Mama was wrong (Can you believe that? First time ever, I think...), and Quickity Split turned out to be the perfect horse for Britt! Brailey has had her horse Tex since before she was born, and Britt never really showed an interest in learning how to ride until this spring. All of a sudden though, about three weeks ago, he started "dressing up" as a cowboy. And now he has a routine - every day, he comes running into his room after he gets home from Kindergarten and gets into one of his "rodeo" shirts, then puts on his gun belt and gun and cowboy hat. As soon as we unloaded Quickity from the trailer, he said, "So! Can you get my saddle on him, Mom?" And I said, "Right now?" And he said "Yah!" So after we curried and saddled him, we went up to our little riding pen, and Brady started leading him around, and then Britt said, "Why can't I have the controls?" By "controls" he meant "reins." But that is an accurate description, for sure, and that is what I used to tell people back when I worked on a dude ranch and gave lessons to city slickers. "Your reins are your main control, so whatever you do, don't drop them!" So Brady tied the halter lead rope around Quickity's neck, and Britt had a marvelous time riding him around. He told me later that night, "I love my new horse, Mom." It makes me so happy, because this is the horse we have been trying to find for him. We bought a nice horse for Britt last year, but he wasn't what Britt needed, and so we ended up selling him, of course. It is truly fun to see Britt enjoy being a cowboy, though. I've told him it isn't really a costume, but he still thinks in those terms. More precious memories... I am anxious to see what the summer will bring! Britt's new horse has renewed Brailey Shaye's interest in her own horse, and I think the two of them are going to have a ball riding together. I would love to see the cowboy and cowgirl they would have been if we lived on a cattle ranch, but that is a true luxury in today's world, and I realize I am blessed to have experienced it the way I did. Still, I'm thankful they can have a little piece of country in their childhood, because I know it is something they can enjoy for the rest of their lives.

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  1. We can't wait to meet their horses!!! We'll come help you with the stalls this summer!!


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