Monday, April 19, 2010

Yakima PBR Weekend

What a wonderful weekend! It started early for us, acutally, because Brailey Shaye ended up being home from school on Thursday, and then there was no school on Friday. And guess what? Can you tell by the tone of my voice there has been SUNSHINE?! OH yah! It was gorgeous from Thursday up until today, which was supposed to be rainy and cold but so far is just warm and overcast.

So my parents came over on Friday evening to stay with the two little B's while the two big B's went to Yakima, WA. Brady judged the PBR up there on Saturday night, which was great! Being a PBR judge (Professional Bull Riding, if you are wondering what PBR stands for) is Brady's passion, and he was in his element, judging with his favorite co-judge, Clint Corey. The bulls were BUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK-ERS! They were awesome! If you've never been to a PBR, you should try to go - you'll be hooked on the sport instantly. My cousin who lives in Seattle with her husband came to watch the show, because they are complete PBR addicts, and we got to spend time with them over breakfast yesterday morning.

It was great to see Cindy and John after all these years and to hear about my Aunt Mary (Cindy's mom) who lives up in Seattle next to them. She just had a brush with colon cancer, but is all better now and sounds really happy. I'm so glad she lives next to Cindy and John, because they are taking excellent care of her. When we go to Seattle later on this year to see our Nicoley, we are going to make time to go to Cindy's, too. I actually really like Seattle, now, after having seen it back in December on my adventure with the kiddos to Nicoley's. I want to bring my mom along, too, because I think she would enjoy it, as well. We are going to go to the zoo, which is apparently next to a gorgeous rose garden, and I know my Shaye-Shaye and mom will love that!

Anyway, my mom and dad took great care of everything, including getting Britt to his tee ball game. They planted some bushes that the kids and I picked up on Friday for me, and they look perfect! My dad got some rocks moved for me at the edge of our yard, also, so we are ready for dirt, if we ever find any we can afford... (I don't know where the phrase "dirt cheap" came from, because it sure as hell isn't cheap over here. It costs an arm and a leg! I said this the other day in the car with my B's, and Britt said, "What does that mean? An arm and a leg?" Cracked me up!)

Anyway, it was one of those weekends that we will always remember. It was great for Brady and I to get away with just the two of us, and also really good for the kids to spend time with their grandparents. I didn't realize it, but the last time they stayed with them was when Brady was in the hospital on life support, and that is why Brailey ended up staying home on Thursday - her stomach was killing her because she was so worried about us leaving. Yes, she is just like her mother! Worry, worry, worry. But like my mom said, it is important for them to stay with other people every now and then. I was shocked to realize it had been that long since they had been away from us. I guess I was keeping them close to me subconsciously or something? Brady's near-death experience had more of an effect on the kids and I than Brady will ever comprehend.

In any event, the kids, my parents and Brady and I had a great weekend! Good weather, good times and good livin'. Isn't that what it's all about?


  1. I'm so glad you had a fun weekend just the two of you, so important for everyone! Loved reading about your next Seattle visit and can't wait to see you up north again - hopefully without the rain... man it poured last time! Come on sunshine! Hugs, Nicoley

  2. yes Maam! Thats what its all about......Glad you guys had a good time!!


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