Saturday, May 1, 2010

The Family Fiddler

I was so proud of Britt yesterday! His school was really fortunate to have an "Artist in Residence" who was a fiddler. And so he spent two weeks at the school, about an hour in each classroom, and he was amazing! Every single kid got to play the fiddle. The focus for the Kinders was "short-short-long," which is how fidlers play the instrument (see how Britt does it in the video? Short-short-looooooooooong, short-short-looooooooong). The instructor (that's him playing the guitar) is from New Orleans, and he told the kids all kinds of stories about frogs and crawfish and related it to the music they were playing. It was great! Britt loved every second of playing the fiddle, and now we are on the hunt for a cheap one to buy, because the kid is more musical than Brady and I realized. I was thinking guitar lessons, but maybe the fiddle would be more fun for him. He wore his cowboy hat because the Fiddle Man said that was the difference between a violinist and a fiddler - fiddlers wear a cowboy hat. It was a really cool recital, and it was obvious this artist loves what he does, and also a wonderful take on the word "artist," I think, because music truly is art, and every kid got to experience something they might never have been given the opportunity to experience, otherwise. I stayed to watch the first graders, too, because Kimmy came to the Kinders with me, and I got to see her Griffin play his song, and he was absolutely wonderful! He was the best one in his class, and totally had the beat and everything. He takes guitar lessons, and he is doing super well. So cool! I love music... From beginners to masters, it is always a pleasure to watch.

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