Friday, May 21, 2010

Fiesta Cultural 2010

Here she is! Our star performer with her supportive little brother... All dressed up in her "poodle skirt" and ready to perform La Bamba with her classmates! Each class had a theme dance they performed for all the parents. This is an annual spring concert. At Buena Vista, it is called "Fiesta," and it is truly amazing! I have no idea how the kids remember all those dance steps, but they do, and every kid is truly a star!

We had our 50's inspired pony tail and curls - she wasn't too thrilled that we curled it like this, but she got a million compliments on her hair, and so that made all the difference, and she was glad we fixed it this way, in the end. I always tell her, "looks are everything, honey, no matter the pain you go through to get there..." Sarcastically, of course, but there is some truth to it. Beauty does cost at least a little pain, somewhere along the line. What can we say? The truth hurts, sometimes literally!

Here she is after the dance for the group photo with her partner Nicholas, who is one of her "bestest" friends in the world. They were SO CUTE together! Too cute for words! Brailey also had a speaking part, which was precious. She spoke into a microphone in front of hundreds of people, introducing the dance. There aren't words to describe how proud we are of her!

And this is Brailey Shaye with her amazing teacher, the lovely Bea Downes, who has been the best teacher we could ever ask for. Not only has Brailey learned a great deal academically from her, she has also been exposed to other wonderful things, like poetry and music and art. Senora Downes is definitely an A+ teacher, and we are so blessed with her teaching skills. She is one of those special teachers that is stunningly beautiful, inside and out, and we are thrilled to know her!

Wiped out! The only bad thing about the Fiesta this year is that it was on a school night. Last year it was held on a Friday night, which was much better, because this year we didn't get home until way past our bedtime, but it was worth it! Next year we will have two Fiesta performers, because Britt will be a first grader. Stay tuned for next year's pictures, because I'm sure there will be an abundance - twice the fun!

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