Friday, May 7, 2010

Jog-A-Thon at Buena Vista

Brailey Shaye with two of her classmates, lined up and ready to start jogging! Each class jogged and walked on the Sheldon track for 45 minutes. This was Brailey's second year doing it, so she knew what to expect, and she was ready!

Here they are, all the kids in this group - they separate the classes into groups so there aren't all of them out there at once. Aren't those balloons fun and festive? The kiddos loved them!

And she's off! They all start out great guns, and then then run out of gas quickly - they're like Quarter Horse race horses! Really fast for a short distance - it's adorable! I told Brailey to try to job slowly, and she would be able to go farther, but that is a hard thing for a kid to understand, I think. And she did great anyway, so I should have kept my wonderful motherly advice to myself.

She and her buddy Henry were down to a brisk walk, at this point, but still going strong!

And she made it! TEN LAPS! Yes, she jogged/walked two and a half miles in 45 minutes. Pretty good for a seven year old kid, huh? Ten laps was the maximum they could do, actually, and she made it just before the time was up. They all got popsicles to enjoy on their walk back to the classrooms. Thankfully, the weather was absolutely perfect for them! This is one of the school's biggest fundraisers and helps to pay for the music and P.E. teachers, so I hope it was successful! Brailey's goal was to raise $101.00, and I think she actually topped that with all those laps... We shall see! Yay Brailey!

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