Monday, May 3, 2010

Baseball and First Communion Blessing

Look at that great form! Brittster Man hit it out of the ball park on Saturday! He really likes to bat, now that he knows how to hit it hard, thanks to our friend Clay, Brady, Brailey Shaye and I. We've been "working with him," you know... It was wonderful to see his confidence rise at this game. He also snagged a really fast grounder while he was on third - it was his best game ever! Needless to say, Brady and I were proud parents at the tee ball game.

Here he is, our little slugger after one of his monster hits. See the happiness in his face? OH yah!

And Brailey Shaye had her First Communion Blessing on Sunday morning. I got her a special pair of shoes to go with her dress, her first "high heels!" She adores them and practiced wearing them all over the house.

And here she is with some tulips that one of Brady's boss' wives gave to her after mass - so sweet! She was thrilled about that, of course.

Here she is with two of her best friends, Nicholas and Jonah, who are in her classroom at her school. They are all three going through the First Communion class together, which has been super nice, since they don't really know any of the other kids from the private Catholic school, St. Paul. Aren't they cute?! They all three really enjoy each other, and I really, really like their moms! It has been a wonderful experience to go through these classes for all of us. Thank you, God!


  1. She is the sweetest thing ever! So pretty!!!

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