Monday, May 17, 2010

Poetry Slam

Brailey's teacher arranged this wonderful event last week called a "Poetry Slam" where all the kids recited Spanish poems they learned and memorized. IT WAS AMAZING! They performed in groups, and then every single kid recited a poem they had written. Brailey wrote hers about the horse, of course. It was adorable! The classroom was packed to the gills, and every single kid did a great job. They had covered the desks with table cloths and had a beautiful arrangement of flowers on every "table," they had refreshements and it was even a beautiful evening weather-wise. I really, really, really like Brailey's teacher, and I'm grateful Brailey had the opportunity to experience something like this. They all wore black and white, which was also wonderful. Amazing, I'm telling you, amazing! (Proud Big Mama!)

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