Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A Reba Epiphany

Isn't it funny how sometimes the things that are obvious to us really aren't obvious until we have an epiphany-like moment? Yes, I had one of these yesterday... About the show, "Reba." If you've read this blog before, then you know how much this family love-love-LOVES that show! Did I mention we really, really like it? OH yah!

Well yesterday, my beloved mother-in-law and I were talking about it. She is staying with us for a couple of weeks, and we are so happy to see her! We always have a wonderful time whenever she comes to Oregon (she lives in Sacramento), and it has been great to have her here after so long between visits - we haven't seen her since last August!

Well, long story short, I was telling her about Reba and how much we enjoy it and why. What started us off on this was talking about Pawn Stars and how we both love that show, too, and how she asked her friend Bill if he watched it and he thought she said "Porn" Stars... That's how our conversations go - we have a big time just discussing everything we can think of.

ANYWAY. We also talked about a couple of family things... You know, like all families do. And then later on, as I was driving in to pick up Brailey from school, it hit me. I love the show Reba so much because it is an example of how we should all be, and how I wish part of my family was! They all get along, no matter that the circumstances are less than perfect. And that is what I wish for, of course. Because deep down, I'm just like Barbara Jean, even though I act more like Reba, and I just want everyone to accept me.

I could get deep here, but I won't. The point being, everyone should strive to be more like Reba's family. We should all take care of each other and try to get along instead of being mean and hateful and distant. Ex-wives and new wives CAN get along, if they want to. Teenage parents SHOULD live with their parents until they get on their feet. Kids from broken homes SHOULD feel comfortable around everyone in their family - every single person.

Frankly, though, the only place I've ever seen it work is on Reba. We're all too judgmental and selfish to do it in real life, not to mention competitive. Which is why I've worked so hard in the last year to eliminate some of the most toxic elements (another word for people, in this instance) from my life. Remember my new mantra: the only people we need in our lives are the ones who need us in theirs. And God bless the Barbara Jeans and Rebas of the world!

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  1. I love it! you're knitting! and that was so perfect you should use thread that doesn't show mistakes but hey you didn't make any!! wow! and brailey running/walking 10 laps is crazy for a 7 year old... wow! and i have yet to watch reba but i like what you're saying about her and your new mantra - very true! i might try and catch an episode just because of you.... hugs, coley


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