Monday, May 24, 2010

The Train/Pat Monahan Obsession Continues

Truly, my obsession with Pat Monahan of Train (see March "Addicted to Train" for more) is quite entertaining seen through the eyes of my little B's. Especially Britt! Just this morning, he was sitting on my lap before we left for school, and we were talking about how cute he (Britt) is, and he said, "Am I cuter than that Train guy that you love?" Hmmmmm... That was a tough call! But of course I said yes.

Last Sunday Brailey Shaye and Britt put on a "performance" for Brady, Gramma Diggy and myself, down at the play structure. It started out as a circus, but turned into a concert. Brailey sang "Soul Sister" for us, which she introduced by saying, "This is the song that Mom loves by that man from Train that she has a crush on." My mother-in-law thought that was an interesting thing for a child to say in front of her father...

What can I say? They know it isn't a serious crush and that I love their dad more than anything in the world. We talked about it one morning on our drive to school. Britt said, "Do you still like Keith Urban?" And I said yes, I did, but not at much as I used to. And Brailey said, "Yah, now you have a crush on Train." And I agreed that yes, I did indeed. And Britt said, "Yah, you used to love Keith Urban, but now you love Train. Why do you love him?" And I explained that I didn't really "love" Pat Monahan the way I love their dad, but that I had a celebrity crush, which just meant that I liked their music and whatnot... And I finished it up by saying "He's just such a hottie!" And do you know what my precious son said? He said, "No, Mom. You're the hottie!" Is that music to a mother's ears or what?! Like father like son, charmers incarnate.

Anyway, I do think Pat Monahan is a total hottie, but I also love his music. I've never heard so many songs I can relate with so well and a singer who has such an amazing voice that is never tiresome to listen to. I mean truly, I love every single Train song! Usually there is always one or two songs on a cd that I won't like. I now have all the Train cds and even a concert dvd that my Nicoley got for me and then Pat Monahan's single cd, as well. I'm one of those old-fashioned people (just like my Nicoley, speaking of her) that has to have the original cd. And I never get tired of listening to them - they are timeless and brilliant!

So yes, I am still obsessed with Train. That's my nature, you know, to be obsessed. A girl's gotta dream, right? Someday, I am going to see them in concert, and maybe, just maybe, they'll pick me to come up on stage... They could totally "save the day" (look up the lyrics to Save the Day) for me, any day! OH yah...!

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