Monday, June 28, 2010

Brailey Shaye's First Communion

This was a very special weekend for our family, and most especially for Brailey Shaye, as she received her First Holy Communion. It was a wonderful mass, and she was the only one receiving her First Communion, which was special in itself. We were announced at the beginning of mass and then we brought up the gifts, which is something I have never done, and Father Steve said some powerful things to her at the end. I had to choke down the tears the entire time! I didn't expect it to be so emotional, but as spiritual and precious as Brailey is, I should have realized it would be like that. It was more splendid than we could have dreamed, because all of her dearest friends were there for her. Nicholas and Jonah were there with their families, and they had received their First Communion the weekend before on Father's Day, so this was their second communion. Brailey's Godmother came with her son (my Godson), my parents made the five hour drive from Harney County, and our dear friends the Lamberts came, marking their first time at mass ever. And Brady's Godfather and his wife came, which was wonderful, because Anne is the one who made Brailey's beautiful veil... It was so lovely, words can't describe it. We had a reception at our house afterwards, and it was so much fun, Britt said it was the best day of his life! He was thrilled to have made some new friends. The weather was even perfect! It was the most special of occasions.
I caught her doing this in her dress and veil, and I think she was looking at her shadow, which looks like an angel. Coicidence? I think not...

The Lamberts, having a family photo taken. Are they a beautiful family or what?!

Brailey's Godmother, Nikki, who is the most perfect Godmother she could ever, ever ask for. I love this picture.

And the two besties afterwards at our house... I love their friendship - they are so good to each other and a joy to be around. This is a perfect example of beauty inside and out. It was truly a blessed occasion, and I thank God for every second of it.

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  1. Awesome! I love all of these pics and all the other blogs you post!:):)<3


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