Thursday, June 10, 2010

End of School Year Emotions

The end of the school year always finds me emotionally confused... One, I am estatic to be done with the school schedules and routines and most importantly, to have my babies all to myself! OH YAH! Two, I am sad for them to be leaving behind one grade and moving up to another. And a little added twist to my emotions concerning Brailey's school is that I really miss her teachers...

Last year I couldn't wait to pick her up on the last day, and all of a sudden I found myself choking back the tears as I watched her beloved first grade teacher wave goodbye. The good news is that we have remained connected with her even over this school year. And speaking of this school year, it will be just as hard if not harder than last year, because every single step of this school year has been amazing for our Brailey. I am so attached to her second grade teacher, I've already started mourning the loss, even knowing the next teachers are wonderful, also, and that Britt may be lucky enough to have her when he is a second grader. What can we say? Change is always hard.

Britt has actually been struggling with that a little the past few days, because his sister is growing up on him, and she has become more interested in other things besides playing with him all the time. For her birthday, we got her a digital camera, and she has spent every afternoon this week taking pictures. More of history repeating itself, for sure, because I have had to look at every single one of those pictures, which is exactly what I do to my own mother, still, to this day. In fact, I even did it to Brailey's teacher a couple of weeks ago after I took some class pictures. And now I have my "payback" in the form of my little angel-girl doing to me what I do to others. My mother thinks this is funny... Can you believe that?

Brailey calls her photography "capturing moments." She'll say to me, "Oh my gosh, Mom! You will not believe the moment I just captured!" Or, "I'm going to go capture some more moments!" I don't care who you are - that's cute!

Except to Britt, that is, who doesn't think it is cute at all. The other day while she was capturing her moments (and quite of few of them were his moments, by the way, because he was posing for her), he was sitting by a big rock looking sad. So I said to him, "Why are you so blue?" And he said he was sad because all Brailey wanted to do was take pictures, every single day, and he really wanted to play with her. It's only fun to pose for pictures for a little while, afterall.

It will be interesting to see if they regain their unique closeness over the summer or if Brailey is growing up on him. I don't know what will happen... She is getting older and likes to spend time doing things she likes to do on her own, but once she and Britt are together for a couple of days straight, they begin to play together like the blessed days of no school, back when they were itty bitty. I think after so much social interaction at school, Brailey just needs some time to herself every day when she gets home. But because Britt gets out of school earlier, he is ready to play when he sees his big sister. It will be interesting to see if he needs some alone time when he gets home from a full day of school this fall.

The bottom line is that they are growing and changing every day, and I am so happy to have them to myself for a couple of months. It is going to be a the best summer ever, I just know it! But darn it, why do they have to grow up so fast?

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