Wednesday, June 9, 2010

A Great Birthday Number 8!

See how happy this girl is? Well let me tell you why... You may notice she is wrapped in a gorgeous afghan, which was made for her by my twin, Little Mama, for her birthday. And she LOVES IT! As soon as we got home, she spread it out on the floor and rolled around in it, like a dog or a cat does to their bed. It matches her room perfectly, and is now proudly displayed on her bed. She has been sleeping with it every night, and Brady and I thought it might actually replace Starry and Lamby, but so far it has just been a loving addition to her nightly comforts. Jaden (Kim's daughter and Brailey's bestie) was so cute when Brailey opened this present, because she said about her mom, "She worked on it for weeks and weeks!" Which Kimmy denied, but that's just because she is so talented and we all know it did take a lot of time and effort, and it is now one of Brailey's most treasured possessions.

And here we have a beautiful bouquet of roses from her favorite aunti, Nicoley! She had them delivered to our door on Friday, and Brailey got to arrange them herself, which is one of her most favorite things in the world to do - see the happiness and pride in her face? She was thrilled with this gift, and she has taken time every single day to smell her special roses - that's one of Brailey's most wonderful qualities, always taking the time to notice and appreciate the little things.

And here is the "Little" Brother, whom she looks taller than in this picture because of the super fun high heeled flip flops Grammy sent to her, which she loves! She wanted to go to Uncle Boone's farm to pet the goats, and so we did. Britt took two of his own quarters to buy food for Brailey since it was "her special day." (Direct quote from Britt himself, quotation mark gesture included.) They had a big time, feeding the goats, petting them and then Uncle Boone gave them each a free ice cream cone for Britt's two home runs that he hit at his last baseball game on Saturday - REAL homeruns, too, not just tee ball ones. Needless to say, his dad was prouder than proud!

Little Miss Cooker Girl! My friend Kelly made this apron, and Brailey absolutely loves it! I bought three aprons from Kelly, because they are so adorable, and as I suspected, Brailey was thrilled with hers. She is very excited to try out the new cookbook she is holding, so Big Mama needs to get with the program, for sure, on teaching her how to cook. Isn't that the cutest apron you have ever seen in your life? You should see the other ones! Let me know if you want one, and I'll send you Kelly's way...

MMMMMMMMMMMM! CHEESECAKE! From Costco! This is her favorite kind of cake, and so that is what she wanted for her birthday cake. And then we took Mini Cinnabons to her class at school, and those were a hit, too. It was a wonderful birthday, for sure, and we still have to go to Chuck E. Cheese's! We skipped it on her birthday, because after all the shopping and running around, we were exhausted. Brailey is so mature and sweet, she agreed it would be more fun to go another day when it would be less crowded. Brailey is truly a dream-come-true when it comes to daughters, and our family is more blessed than words can say to have her in it. We love this girl!

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