Sunday, June 13, 2010

On Strike!

Okay, people - where are you?! Where's the love?!

No more posts from Big Mama until I know at least ONE person is reading them. And I have SO MUCH to say... So many profound thoughts in my head to share! Not to mention I have some wonderful pictures from our weekend in Harney County that I would love to show you.

But I just can't write with a broken heart. (See? I really am needy and conceited and dramatic...) What can I say? I am what I am, and right now (or should I say "write?"), I'm on blogger strike.


  1. COME BACK BIG MAMA!!! Don't leave, please? I want to see pictures of your Grandmother!! Luv ya!!!

  2. I check this all the time, just may not post...I have trouble with that..always asks for a password that I have forgotten..c'mon, put on the pics, I LOVE seeing your family Bobbie Jo!
    Love and Miss you ALL!

  3. please oh please don't quit us!! I love coming here and getting updates from you & the fam!!
    Love ya!


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